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Storage, classification of electronic part and movement etc inside work section
Outer Dimensions (Width W x Height H x Depth D) (mm)
Weight (g)
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Number of Storage Space Material TRUSCO Part Number 2014 TRUSCO Published Page Surface Resistance Value (ohm) Package
Ship pack of Mfr.# Item.# Sales Price Availability Qty.
6 PP (carbon input) 275-8911 1-2334 10<SUP>4 to 10</SUP> 1Set(3Sheet) 1 F-22 06557275 34.81 SGD
In stock
9 PP (carbon input) 275-8920 1-2334 10<SUP>4 to 10</SUP> 1Set(3Sheet) 1 F-23 06557284 34.81 SGD
Shipped after 2016-12-15
4 PP (CARBON PIECES) 275-8903 - 10<SUP>4 - 10</SUP> 1Set(3Sheet) 1 F-21 06557266 34.81 SGD
In stock

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