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Pilot Type 5-Port Valve Selex Valve 4Kb2 Series

Rated Voltage Range
Lower Operating Pressure (MPa)
Assured Withstand Pressure (MPa)
Temperature rise
43deg C
Maximum Working Pressure (MPa)
Effective Sectional Area (mm2)
Number of Ports
Weight (g)
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Oiling Rated Voltage (V) Manual Mode Power Consumption (W) Vibration (m/s2) Protection Structure Heat Resistance Class Valve Specification Material (body) Switching Method 2014 TRUSCO Published Page Electric Wire Connection Type Shock (m/s2) Strarting Current (A) TRUSCO Part Number Switching Position Classification Fluid Temperature (Degree C) Holding Current (A) Response Time Ambient Temperature (Degree C) Fluid Connection Caliber (Rc) Package
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No need AC100(50/60Hz) Non-locking manual override 50Hz:1.860Hz:1.4 50orless Dust proof B(moldedcoil) Pilot operated soft spool valve Aluminumalloydie-casting 2positionsingle 1-1396 Grommetleadwire Sub-platepipingtype 300orless 50Hz:0.05660Hz:0.044 112-5893 2positionsingle 5 to 50 50Hz:0.02860Hz:0.022 30msorless -5 to 50 Compressedair 41647 1PC 1 4KB210-06-AC100V 02096123 109.90 SGD
In stock
Not required AC200(50/60Hz) Non lock manual equipment 50Hz:1.8 60Hz:1.4 50 or less Dust-proof B (mold coil) Pilot type soft spool valve Aluminum alloy die casting 2 positions, single - Grommet lead wire Subplate piping type 300 or less 50Hz:0.028 60Hz:0.022 112-5907 2 positions, single 5 - 50 50Hz:0.014 60Hz:0.011 Less than 30ms -5 - 50 Compressed air 1/8 1PC 1 4KB210-06-AC200V 02096132 109.90 SGD
In stock

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