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Power Tacker

4.15 (13)
For pasting panels and canvases For pasting posters For pasting netting For fixed wiring, etc.
Using Staple (mm)
L type: shoulder width 10.6 cm/ length 8 R-type:shoulder width 6.2 cm, / length 12
Height x Length x Width (mm)
Weight (g)
staple L type(10.6 x 8 mm) x100 table R type(6.2 x 12 mm) x100
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Review Rating: 4.15
13 Customer Reviews
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Chokawa of sheet
From Japan
On 2016-02-25 15:39:29
I had been expecting a strong power, but it was a lot disappointing that not you enter the needle. I think it depends on the material used, but ....
This review is about item#06806581.
Sort of mini bike seat paste
From Japan
On 2014-11-15 12:32:43
It was used in sheet paste sort of mini-bikes. Staple is located 1.2mm is the thickness a little thick. Foundation of the sheet is hard, first I driving in the power Tucker did not go well, but if you work while warming the foundation with a dryer would be a staple of the tip sticks, was settled firmly and sandwich with pliers to finish. It took a little time and effort is finished in beautiful.
This review is about item#06806581.
Sheet Chokawa, vehicle interior fixed
From Japan
On 2014-10-29 19:53:17
Vehicle interior was stopped well, but driving scooter of the sheet had not still stuck bent needle. Or needle of the problem, did not know whether Tucker of the problem. I'm sorry.
This review is about item#06806581.
Re-covering of the seat cover of the bike
From Japan
On 2014-10-24 15:56:55
Staple did not sasara on a sheet weaker than had been used before. I use this Tucker, I was able to neatly re-covered in the pat.
This review is about item#06806581.
Enter the bike of restoration, which had been O'Ho for 25 years, was determined to Ni will Harikaeyo of the sheet.
From Japan
On 2014-07-15 23:38:24
It is a large satisfied with the price performance basis. Compared with those with high domestic production, as different from an order of magnitude . It is a surprise. Making is not very firm, there is no such sense of anxiety. Rehearsal Temple, because the saddle road bike was torn, bought the type of cover that extends, I have re-covered in Tucker. ... Saddle with a new one in a few hundred yen. Devise a variety of useful likely depending on. Be a must-have for DIY enthusiasts. Not a cheap buying ... is absolutely recommended.
This review is about item#06806581.
Chair of the fabric Chokawa
From Japan
On 2014-05-21 13:52:38
The Power of implantation as compared with the MAX seems like weak. Instead of a needle, it must not have in quite home improvement. I found [Fujiwara industry SK11] where are placed the powerful hand Tucker professional, but in addition to the shop, he was at a loss and use what little small thickness. Again consumables I should have to those immediately into the hand.
This review is about item#06806581.
Camped out the paper of Japanese paintings for the production to the panel.
From Japan
On 2014-04-12 23:54:32
Staples, strong but general slightly smaller than the ones in the thick. Tucker is very robust in spite of the robust price. General little grip strength than what is required, it may be quite hard for women. Range man is no problem. Anyway have strong to be, you could use long. Be damaged by losing to the solid of the tree is unlikely.
This review is about item#06806581.
To re-covered bike seat
From Japan
On 2013-12-26 21:12:48
We used to re-covered sheet of moped two (address V100). It enough somehow even with the supplied staple, but when thinking out mistakes, etc., it is safe is better, which had been purchased staple together. And since run out almost at once, but also for the next and subsequent use, preliminary staple simultaneous purchase is recommended. If you use to re-covering sheet, the staple is the width 10mm, leg length is 6mm or 8mm, those having a thickness of 1.2mm will fit.
Amide exchange & posters pasted, etc.
From Japan
On 2013-09-04 13:08:40
A little more, it may strike quickly. .
This review is about item#06806581.
Scooter seat cover re-covering
From Japan
On 2013-01-02 16:27:13
Use the sheet re-covering of course the Grand Axis from new cars 14 years. Old made the resin sheet made of base seems needle did not sasara completely cured (I think this does not change in Tucker of any manufacturer). So found a successful Uchikomeru that if you work to warm the lightly seat base in the pocket burner. Be careful because too much fire and close sheet melts.
This review is about item#06806581.

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