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Micro Proximity Sensor

This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order., The maximum operating distance indicates the standard sensing object for the maximum detection distance.
Stable sensing range considering the ambient temperature and supply voltage variations and indicates the distance scale enables to stabilize the s
Wafer frame detection, detecting the presence of aluminum pallets, pallet assembly dog detection, etc.
2-Colors Indication Lamp
Red LED lights up green LED lighting / unstable detection stable detection
Changes in Detection Distance
And within +/- 2% at change of 10% +/- of Operating voltage: voltage characteristic -10 to +15% of sensing distance at the time of use at 20 deg C ambient temperature range: temperature characteristics
Indicator Lamp
Red LED lights up green LED lighting / unstable detection stable detection
Instability Detection Range (mm)
0 to 6.4
Maximum Operating Distance
Impact Resistance (m/s2)
Three times (about 100G) XYZ each direction endurance 1000
Cable Extension (m)
Total length up to 50 can be extended in cable 0.3mm of 2 more
Output Specification
Load current: 3 to 100mA residual voltage: 3V or less
Maximum Ink Ejecting Frequency (Hz)
Output Opreration
ON when approaching
Differential Movement (Hysteresis)
Than 20% of the operating distance
Short Circuit Protection
Operation Indicator
Ambient Humidity
45 to 85% RH, Storage: 35 to 95% RH
Vibration Resistance
2 hours 10 to 55Hz double amplitude 1.5mm XYZ each direction
0.2mm 2 2 core oil heat cold cab tire cable 1m with
Operating Ambient Temperature (deg C)
-25 to +70,Reserving time:-30 to +80
Insulation Resistance (Mohm)
Whole charging part to case 50 or more at DC250V Mega
Consumption Electric Current (mA)
(Will be the leakage current of the output is OFF.) 0.8 or less
Power Supply Voltage (V)
12 to 24V DC +/- 10% ripple P-P10% or less
Repeat Pricision (mm)
And 0.04 or less: a direction perpendicular to the detection axis direction, the detection axis
Standard Detective Object (mm)
Iron 30 x 30 x t1
Withstand Voltage
1 minute whole charging part-case AC1000V
Non-contact DC 2-wire
Protection Structure
IP67 (IEC), IP67g (JEM), water tight type (JIS)
Head ON
Weight (g)
Body: PET, Table \ 示灯 parts: polyallylate
The maximum load current depends on the ambient temperature. When extending cable, residual voltage becomes larger depending on cable type.Cables of length 5m have higher voltage of +0.1V.
MS-A15H (aluminum sheet): 1 piece
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