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DC 2-Wire Type, Cylinder Type Proximity Sensor

This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order., The maximum operating distance indicates the standard sensing object for the maximum detection distance. Stable sensing range considering the ambient temperature and supply voltage variations and indicates the distance scale enables to stabilize the s
Dertermining machines positions. Aluminum pallets through confirmation
Short Circuit Protection
Consumption Electric Current (mA)
0.8 or less
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Standard Detective Object (mm) Maximum Ink Ejecting Frequency (Hz) Output Opreration Differential Movement (Hysteresis) Operation Indicator Type Outer Diameter Ambient Humidity Instability Detection Range (mm) Accessories Maximum Operating Distance Operating Ambient Temperature (deg C) Package
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Iron 12 x 12 x t1 1.2K(Max) ON away Than 20% of the operating distance Orange LED (output ON lighting) Shield type (screw type) M12 45 to 85% RH, Storage: 35 to 95% RH 0 to 2.4 Nut: two, toothed washer: 1 piece 3mm+/-10% -25 to +70,Reserving time:-30 to +80 1PC 1 GX-12MUB 06885706 60.76 SGD
Shipped after 2016-11-02
Iron 50x50xt1 350 (Maximum) ON at the time of access 20% or less of operation distance - Non-shielding type (screw type) M18 45 to 85%RH, during storage: 35 to 95%RH 0 - 12 Nut: 2 sheets, toothed washer: 1 sheets 15mm+/-10% -25 to +70, during storage: -30 to +80 1PC 1 GX-18MLU 37654757 68.50 SGD
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