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Dust Masks

3.55 (49)
The length of rubber strap changed from 67 cm to 58 cm.
Welding , polishing and grinding work Grinder work Smash up work Powder body handling work of cement and pulverization chemicals etc Buffing, sanding work like molding, agricultural chemical(powder, wettable powder, emulsion) spreading work et
Elevated Carbon Dioxide Concentration (%)
Internal reference value below 1.0 Average value of 0.59
Leak Rate (%)
Internal reference value of 5.0 or less Average value of 1.2
Wetting resistance (Pa)
Internal reference value less than 50 Average value of 41.3
Exhaust Resistance (Pa)
Internal reference value less than 50 Average value of 38.5
Intake Resistance Rise Value (Pa)
Internal reference value below 140 Average value of 116
Usage Duration
Internal reference value 8
National Certification Acceptance Number
Particle Collection Efficiency (%)
More than 95 internal reference value Average value of 98.3
Inhalation Resistance (Pa)
Internal reference value less than 50 Average value of 38.5
Weight (g)
Internal reference value less than or equal to 16 Average value of 15.1
Disposable type
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Shipped after 2016-12-12
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49 Customer Reviews
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Welding work or the like in a factory.
From Japan
On 2016-05-10 10:44:59
Previously, had used the "2207 DS2" dust mask of Moldex, was changed to here such as the nose is sore. You unit price to be a little high, but it is also no longer very popular nose hurt. Slightly There is a failure etc., but we have survived can place in the corresponding's Monotarou.
This review is about item#09201902.
Welding operation
From Japan
On 2015-12-30 16:47:58
The price I want firmly because there is the joint is weak immediately deviate of affordable but a good Tara is long a little more rubber cord rubber straps and the mask body
This review is about item#09201902.
Dust work such as sanding
From Japan
On 2015-07-12 14:48:42
Pulling the rubber cord at the time of mask wearing, peeling crimp part that through the rubber cord of the main body side, there are things that the rubber is out. Since it throw away unused there is no undue importance, but we use is temporarily stopped with stapler or the like. At the same claw of plastic rubber cord connecting the retaining portion, whether molding bad, also there no thing from the beginning. Since it is not undue importance throw away the case, I really like the ... product tying a rubber cord straight, if the defective product mix rate increases will stop the continued purchase.
This review is about item#09201902.
Polishing of metal, welding
From Japan
On 2014-10-09 00:47:42
First, in another product of the molar index, no pad portion corresponding to the nose, Although the skin of the nasal bridge was towards, this product, because it is with a pad, it is no problem. Good point, collapsible, can not tell strange habit. Bad points, still is still short rubber straps. Stretched stretched luck the Kyu' and rubber straps, use.
This review is about item#09201902.
sheet metal
From Japan
On 2014-10-03 00:31:18
Previously, is also improved the length of the rubber, which has been a problem, a feeling of use is now much better.
This review is about item#09201902.
Cutting of metal
From Japan
On 2014-03-18 14:19:33
Also would be discarded to will still be used to peel off from the stop portion of the side when removing because the short length of rubber. I think that good in terms of performance, but ....
FRP processing
From Japan
On 2013-10-02 21:52:23
I think a very good fit to the face. Also consider the cost performance is with continued use.
This review is about item#09201902.
Dust off, etc.
From Japan
On 2013-09-09 13:11:23
Functionally is it can be used without any problem. However, when listening to your thoughts you are using Rubber There were also voices that say that hurts susceptible to ear.
This review is about item#09201902.
At metal processing factory
From Japan
On 2013-06-27 16:18:45
Summer after all one day disposable mask is I think good for hygienic.
This review is about item#09201902.
Deburring of castings
From Japan
On 2013-04-19 13:47:14
With respect to the length of rubber that come out in 2010, study of the results and how to improve Presentation is not. Multiple opinions not just one company, but I think that it is important?
This review is about item#09201902.

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