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Tactile Push Switch

* Wash as it : When the flux cleaning after soldering, use the cleaning liquid of alcohol. Do not wash with an organic solvent. * Washing conditions : at liquid bath tank of depth 5cm, carry out within one minute. In addition, do not operate the switching and apply a force to controller during cleaning. Also, do not wash in condition that button is mounted other than the flat type.
Single-pole, single-throw
Functional Opreration
OFF over (<> is momentary)
Contact Specification
Contact Resistance (mohm)
50 or less (at 20mV 10mA)
Insulation Resistance (Mohm)
More than 500 (AC250V)
Heat Resistant
When using a soldering iron (at a substrate mounting) / temperature 350 degC less than 3sec. If the solder bath for your use / temperature 270 degC and within less than 5sec
Withstand Voltage
AC250V 1min between more
Terminal Shape
PC terminal
Operating Temperature Range (deg C)
Bounce: 0.1msec or less (by usual manual operation)
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Caution Electrical Opening and Closing Durability Mechanical Opening and Closing Durability Operating Force (N) Type Stroke (mm) Package
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