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Electronic Counter H7CN

This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order.
Allowable Voltage Range
85 over 110% of the rated supply voltage
Operating Mode
N mode
Impact Resistance (Malfunction)
100m / s 2 6 direction three times each
Vibration Resistance (malfunction)
10 over 55Hz piece amplitude 0.5mm 3 direction each 10min
Electrostatic Yield Strength
8kV (malfunction)
Impulse Voltage(V)
6k (between the operation power supply terminal) 6k (between non-charging metal part that is exposed to the conductive part terminal)
Reset Method
Power-on reset, external reset, manual reset
Noise Immunity
Square-wave noise by noise simulator + / over 2kV (between the operation power supply terminal) + / over 500V (between the input terminal)
Storage Temperature Range (degree c)
Over 25 over 65 (with no icing)
Ambient Humidity
Impact Resistance
300m / s 2 6 direction three times each
Vibration Resistance
10 over 55Hz piece amplitude 0.75mm 3 directions each 2h
Installation Method
The mounting surface, the mounting embedded (shared)
Power Reset: reset signal time of minimum value 0.5s, reset time 0.05s external reset after the power is turned on, manual reset: The minimum value of the reset signal time 0.02s, reset time after the reset signal completion 0.05s
Mechanical life: 10 million times more electrical life: 100,000 or more times (AC250V 3A resistance load)
Insulation Resistance (Mohm)
(At DC500V mega) more than 100 (the conductive portion terminal and between the non-charging metal part that was exposed, between the power supply circuit and control output)
Input Signal
(Count, reset input) contact: contact open, the input due to a short-circuit transistor: input by the ON / OFF of the open-collector transistor
Control Output
Contact 1aAC250V 3A resistance load (cosPhi = 1) Minimum applied load DC5V 10mA (P level, reference value)
Power Supply Voltage (V)
AC100 over 240 50 / 60Hz (shared)
Power Failure Memory
Setup Method
(Count value) Always read method (even while the power setting can be changed)
Maximum Counting Speed
30Hz: minimum signal width 16.7ms (ON / OFF ratio of 1: 1)
Case Color
Light gray (Munsell 5Y7 / 1)
Display Type
7-segment LED (Character height: 8mm), UP lit display
Number of Digits
Power Consumption
About 12VA (when AC100V)
Opreration Method
Adding (UP)
Withstand Voltage
AC2000V 50 / 60Hz 1min (conductive part terminals and the exposed between the non-charging metal part, between the control output and operation power supply circuit)
Operating Temperature Range (deg C)
Over 10 over 55 (however, that it does not freeze)
Weight (g)
About 150
Preset counter
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