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Tool Box

2.60 (10)
* Do not put more than 50kg when transfer.
Inner Tray Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)(mm)
465x200x46 (hand up / 72)
Drawer Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)(mm)
Separately BOX (Tool Chest): B / 390x215x65, C / 390x215x135, D / 400x215x275
Material (inner tray)
Reinforced PP
Body Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) (mm)
Dimensions (Width W x Depth D x Height H) (mm)
Separately BOX (Tool Chest): A / 495x254x225, B / 495x254x180, C / 495x254x180, D / 520x320x440 (BOX only / 305)
Body Weight (kg)
Withstand Load (kg)
13 (bearing rail portion)
Material (Body)
Reinforced PP, steel
Weight (kg)
Separately BOX (Tool Chest): A / 2.84, B / 5.49, C / 4.4, D / 5.97
Have dirty inner plate
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Review Rating: 2.60
10 Customer Reviews
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Equipment installation work
From Japan
On 2015-12-20 21:28:01
Handle which is also to expand and contract was broken. Since the handle was made likely to break at the time of unpacking Although it used to lighter by removing one of the tool box in the middle It broke in three months position. Although I thought that after all because I look at the other person review of Price is only to shock price. Since the heavy and put a tool I think that it is better to not put the tool.
This review is about item#39118134.
Organizing business trip tool
From Japan
On 2015-06-10 18:44:12
Moving at a car pointing a long stick to the open stop of the drawer, it can no longer be locked cracked plastic part. Only in very sorry it was used the first day. Although usability is good to have more space, the other also the break soon? I would suspect. Maybe you do not buy again.
This review is about item#39118134.
Snowplow maintenance, etc.
From Japan
On 2015-04-22 19:10:18
Case lock is not. Making is not easy to open an alternative to one shot rock and through the shaft from above. Yourself than but so was be equipped with some ingenuity. The difficult or is has become a foe that each case can be separated? . Also, stretch and rattling many become anxiety there is the carrier handle to the top. Advantages and disadvantages I knew because it wanted from the front had been confirmed spot in the hardware store. I was not hesitant at 18000 yen or more of the price range. This was purchased became so 17000 yen bill in the campaign. But still considerable thought. I think that to immediately purchase that it is 15000 yen position.
This review is about item#39118134.
Use in field work place at all times in the vehicle
From Japan
On 2014-11-16 17:07:02
Work in the field can be organized of the tool can be smoothly.
This review is about item#39118134.
Maintenance tools, etc. Circuit
From Japan
On 2014-04-15 14:26:34
It is very convenient in the biggest advantage is the first to move. The idea was ordered because the best of. Advantage Than carry suffers from a really convenient tool box is to move This is useful stuff. It is that you put a set of tooling to luggage basis. Drawer under are not only put things rough There is a limit Balance bad and gain a certain degree of tool Weight is they will be limited to the top of the drawer. Shortcoming If it about two weeks was taken suddenly handle the move to use (Plastic handle) is cracking tools scattered on the road I purchased another single, but would have it also cracks We want to strengthen this point. There is also the but was also described to the rear earlier are concentrated at the top When you have gained in the car is necessary to take measures, such as the balance is easy fixed fall bad There is a place to stab the bar of the lid stop That would open would missing in weight I think if it is improved with the best there is a good tool box
This review is about item#39118134.
Mobile tool box for bike maintenance
From Japan
On 2014-04-11 10:10:30
Advantage I purchased a very convenient. I very useful, but I be more common of the three-stage at the upper part to carry If there is selectivity it should be noted that I think good. Shortcoming As it is two in both it has currently 2 Kitchen had been comments towards the eve Possession is cracked suddenly when you are carrying luggage Possession important tool will be scattered on the road is currently unavailable For improved reinforcement (for example, metal Possession (handle)) I want measures goods. Because a good idea of ​​products because a little is good even up price We want to develop a high-quality tool box.
This review is about item#39118134.
Organization of tooling (put in the room)
From Japan
On 2013-10-09 18:27:26
I think a more user-friendly if there is a partition is good in each tray or box.
This review is about item#39118134.
Machinery maintenance business trip work
From Japan
On 2012-07-26 15:25:03
But also I wrote the last time was not reflected in the review. Or feeling of not written as inconvenient This article is I think that it is not to personally buy again. Peel off the paint when the commodity arrives first, returned goods in the distortion of the hinge. Then even one month and again new arrives use In less, tool possession is disengaged is dumped on the road. Well see that the broken shaft portion of the possession, to not be repaired. Color, design, idea I very good, is remarkably low durability. So it may be a little more high, I want you to sell things without a mistake. I was shocked because various bought the periphery of things to the tool box exchange.
This review is about item#39118134.
Maintenance work
From Japan
On 2012-07-10 17:10:32
After you purchase this product first there is a distortion of the hinge "exchange" (had you respond quickly to Monotarou like) You start one month to use after the exchange, disabled a state can not have a tool box itself cracked possession. There is no locking mechanism in the pull-out, rattle and a tool at the moment that have been exits slip. Reputation also to employees is poor (broken, sweetness of the leader, etc.) will not regret and had a cheap buy. The following do not think I buy.
This review is about item#39118134.
It is used to repair industry, storage of products, equipment and consumables
From Japan
On 2012-03-15 00:19:04
Classification is easy, less fear of corruption because it is made of a firm. However, since the run up even the minute weight, as long as the place where carry rolling, but it's just hard only loading and unloading from the car, in a bad place to be go in play becomes a daunting task. Although classification is noted and easy at the beginning, also I would like you to the weight on the assumption that only the storage.
This review is about item#39118134.

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