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Head Light, Cobra

3.92 (12)
full power / 1500 candela, City Eco / 550 Candela (15 lux / 10 m (full power))
Body Color
Lighting System
3 Modes (full power / City eco / blink)
Possible Attachment Dimensions (mm)
Small ring / 22.0 to 30.0 diameter, big ring / diameter 30.0 to 38.0
Lighting Time
Full / 5, City Eco/ 18, flashing / 54 (when using the alkaline batteries)
AA batteries x 2 (trial products included)
Luminescent Color
Dimensions (Length L x Width W x Height H) (mm)
Weight (g)
91 (attachments included, battery excluded)
Wearing-style attachment (CU-50P), trial battery (AA alkaline battery x2)
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Review Rating: 3.92
12 Customer Reviews
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Mounted on a commuter bike
From Japan
On 2014-05-20 15:47:40
Function is satisfied with the expected. Mono design, texture is also good. However, it was a person, which is also written in the other, easy-open lid of the battery compartment and in shock. It marked with your fine hook to lock the lid, but this would take a lid while features! Or sweetness of the stuffing of the design? However, it seems to be improved by a simple design change.
When driving at night of a bicycle
From Japan
On 2014-04-14 14:53:21
Ensure brightness and visibility is more than expected! 3-wide light distribution of the beam is a little bit different from other bicycle light. Cornering at night can now be peace of mind. It looks more to "seen" effect also feel great.
This review is about item#39269693.
From Japan
On 2014-04-13 18:02:16
Since've lost is the second time the purchase of. The brightness is I like enough. There drawback is only one. Stopper that hold the body at the step of the road surface will come off. Reinforced with vinyl tape is required. Otherwise no problem, because the 2 AA batteries also economical in daily use, I like.
This review is about item#39269693.
Observation of the night of outdoor aquarium
From Japan
On 2013-11-17 18:43:17
Portable compact is effortless, I am satisfied so bright. In addition, as the condensing of 3LED lamp is well spotlight, we believe also diverted to other uses.
This review is about item#39269693.
Attached to a road racer, use early in the morning practice (use flashing from about 2 hours of light)
From Japan
On 2013-10-17 08:33:05
I started using the "Cobra", is the impression of the day was also traveling shallow three times. EL500 of some corporation that has been used until now, but is very bright for in the design of clever lens and reflector plate in LED1 lights, narrow irradiation range, in the running of the spot a straight line only, so there are no problems, but load the corner persists previously it was hard to run in invisible. In brightness "Cobra" is also bright in EL500 or more, and further irradiation range widely, the side was also easier to cornering is also visible and wraps around the light. After, or changes in the degree of wear and the brightness of the battery will look like, I'm looking forward to it. Problem is, the attachment but I respect the good which is to offset, and bring the light body to the center bracket will be left. In my case, I own the bracket I wanted to bring to the right. In addition, flashing push push-button switch is good you but once, in the press twice Lo lighting (1 lamp only), but will be the Hi turned on at press three times (full 3-lamp), is more of this reverse This is my easy-to-use is. Moreover, since a LED3 lamp type, but the light distribution of Lo lit This is OK, Hi lit I think further kana easy-to-use and illuminate a little more distant and a little raise the irradiation direction in the little more spot-the remaining two lamps (but light leaking upward I want you to cut to the more sharp. counter's because (the car) is dazzling)
This review is about item#39269693.
Bicycle for load
From Japan
On 2013-07-29 20:15:45
At the time of the sidewalk running, write part is dropped off. Vulnerable to vibration.
This review is about item#39269693.
When riding a bicycle
From Japan
On 2013-06-01 13:10:11
It flashing mode is very good, also easy to understand and function before the battery exhaustion is close to perfect score. However will be like lid is out to not even drop you're using normally, the battery It was dropped on the street. Battery replacement purchase is coming off the broken lid in about three times is out of the question. Since the exchange procedure is troublesome, I thought advisable not to buy again.
Outdoor General
From Japan
On 2012-12-18 20:54:25
Bicycle is, of course, is good even put to work for the helmet.
This review is about item#39269693.
Switch too hard
From Japan
On 2012-12-13 09:13:14
We with the LED1 pieces of light on the bike, but because a dark street at night, I bought. Is also not removed before the, I put a cobra that was purchased this time on the left side (which is attached to the right-hand side). Such as the brightness is not surprising, but it is acceptable range. However, the switch is hard, it does not enter and do not press Omoikkiri holding the bottom. So, on-off switch is in trouble, do not use most, Because there is no such described in other people reviews, it might only thing I bought. However, it too hard.
This review is about item#39269693.
Road bike lighting
From Japan
On 2012-09-18 14:57:03
I want you to work hard a little more. Brightness = average, Haihikarisei = good, in has = current test of the battery, but you can also 40km / h traveling in and road bike eyes get used in total darkness, etc. halfway bright town in, various direction since the light enters from the road surface condition is to difficult confirmation is required (evaporation phenomenon?) town middle powerful headlights. But the brightness of a two-AA batteries this much I think that respectable. Because the boost circuit built for, to not to Dada fall, such as other manufacturers, eneloop can also be used (confirmed) I think because it's a long period of time can also be used (only say I think for not yet tested) ● LED1 lights If the difference between the 3-lamp is I think the can a little more brightly because it is not as I thought (I think because it has narrowed down the current when the current is flowing better when LED1 lights many 3 lights) ※ There was trouble was little at the time of purchase, but the seller's response was good.
This review is about item#39269693.