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Corrosion Inhibitor Paper

There is a risk of adverse effects on galvanized, copper, copper alloy, silver. Do not use for them. It is not possible to re-use of anti-corrosion paper. Rest anti-corrosion paper should be kept in a place not exposed to direct sunlight, low temperature, low humidity. Please keep it in the original packaging.
Rust prevention of temporary storage, etc. before surface treatment of steel, auto parts, and machinery parts,etc. Rust prevention of steel products (export under severe weather conditions in particular, before surface treatment and temporary storage before assembly)
2014 TRUSCO Published Page
Rust Preventative Years
(12-36 months sealed in a plastic bag) 6-12 months
Weight (kg)
1 (bag)
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Dimensions (Width x Length) (mm) Thickness (mm) Shape Quality Keeping Period Width (mm) Length (mm) Material TRUSCO Part Number Package
Ship pack of Mfr.# Item.# Sales Price Availability Qty.
(Plastic bag) 170x240 0.13 Zipper plastic bag containing sheet Unopened three-year shelf- 148 210 Kraft paper + anti-rust (for steel) 375-0124 1Bag(80Sheet) 1 Y1-S 39537075 54.78 SGD
In stock
- - - Unopened three years quality retention 210 297 Kraft paper + rust inhibitor (for steel) 375-0108 1Bag(60Sheet) 1 Y1-L 39537057 56.49 SGD
In stock
- - - Unopened three years quality retention 182 257 Kraft paper + rust inhibitor (for steel) 375-0116 1Bag(80Sheet) 1 Y1-M 39537066 56.41 SGD
Shipped after 2016-10-26

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