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Home Energy Meter

3.80 (10)
Instantaneous power, settlement power display, electricity charges per hour, the accumulated electricity charges display, use time, CO2 emissions display
Storage Temperature/Humidity Range
0 over + 60 degC , 80% RH or less (without condensation)
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range
0 over + 50 degC , 70% RH or less (without condensation)
You can set the unit price of electricity price calculation to \ 99.99 over
Dimensions (Width W x Height H x Depth D) (mm)
Measurement Pricision
+ / Over (2% + 2digit) (10W or more, when the electrical product connection of power factor 1)
Power Consumption
Less than 1W
Rated Voltage
Weight (g)
About 85
15A below (1500W or less)
Measuring Range
PC (polycarbonate)
Electricity charges exchange rate//1kWh=22JPY (setting-changeable)
Instruction manual
...see all
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Review Rating: 3.80
10 Customer Reviews
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To measure of the electricity consumption of household appliances
From Japan
On 2016-01-31 15:58:30
At the time of purchase, I saw well what watts or, no longer seen immediately. Place disconnect for a while, I tried to see the amount of power because you purchased the washing machine, while the screen flashes, unusable. Broken seems. Too high to break so soon.
This review is about item#00296817.
Consumer electronics, power consumption measurement of the electric motor equipment
From Japan
On 2015-06-23 14:53:09
Insert the body into a power outlet, easy-to-use only by inserting the plug of the instrument. The integrated power good can be displayed. When removing the body from the electrical outlet, the integrated power is reset. If there is a memory backup function, yet convenient.
This review is about item#00296817.
When you see the use of power
From Japan
On 2015-03-13 17:52:37
Its performance at this price, you do not complain! We also let you know acquaintance. Speaking greed, or broken momentarily slow reaction of the button? I suspect.
This review is about item#00296817.
Power supply from the electrical outlet
From Japan
On 2015-03-03 16:35:13
You might not be able to use the internal one of the two-piece mouth does not fit well into an outlet on a JIS standard at the time of use from the outlet attached to the wall to use the instrument.
This review is about item#00296817.
It is used to integrate the power consumption of 1.5kWk dryer. It is convenient to be able to calculate the cost of on issuing a unit price. Moreover, it has survived since the price is cheap.
From Japan
On 2015-02-09 15:18:59
I as described above, but seems to be a corresponding resistive load only, such as coolers and refrigerators, but can not seem to correspond to the motor load, it would be why? Can cope with such equipment, the little things that Teku developed an inexpensive watt-hour meter! " We vote. Another 1 When you then you have thought that two Do not want.
This review is about item#00296817.
When you consider the energy saving
From Japan
On 2015-02-04 16:15:36
This price is cheaper with the contents of the six stages.
This review is about item#00296817.
Measurement of power consumption fee of warming heater installed in the greenhouse
From Japan
On 2014-12-14 15:07:42
With respect to the power supply outlet connection, power measurement tap (outlet) position, (which was this time purchase) side of the power outlet and, the same direction as the same direction (power cord and the cord from the power outlet, that is of 90 degrees but it was purchased of another form there is a power measurement tap to position) There are those, I want you to choose it. The reason: If it is present, and plug the AC plug on the power measurement tap, AC plug and the code takes a lot of place to discharge. In a narrow place It can not be installed.
This review is about item#00296817.
The amount of power of investigation of each equipment
From Japan
On 2014-12-08 12:49:36
Initially I used think this is good, was lowered ☆ 3 one to because there was a critical point in my usage. When you do the accumulated amount of power reset, also it is reset until the electric unit price set much trouble. In this, each time in order to see the electricity charges each and work for each of the product, very labor must not be without your bidding. If the application in which it does not care about cost performance to ☆ 5.
This review is about item#00296817.
Use current confirmation
From Japan
On 2014-11-10 09:29:17
There is undervalued in the other products of the same goods. I do not know accuracy and the like detail, to understand the change of use at the time of the power tool maintenance power, you can enjoy.
This review is about item#00296817.
Power consumption observation of consumer electronics
From Japan
On 2014-08-20 20:21:01
We use the observation of the refrigerator power consumption transition. Tapped the monitor also has, but the difference in accuracy is feeling no. I think that it has sufficient capability to cheap split. Personally, it was easy to use more when the backlight is there because it uses in the shadows.
This review is about item#00296817.

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