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  • Foldable Jack Stand

Foldable Jack Stand -

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Item Feature
Lowest Position (mm)
Capacity (t)
2 (when the two used)
Weight (kg)
About 1.6 (one)
(Vehicle) 2t below
* Use the jack stand for safety when jack-up working. * Jack stand will be needed two or four depending on the work. Use in pairs, not a single. * Use on a horizontal hard ground when working. * Before working, confirm that there are not people, children, other vehicle, and things around the vehicle. * When adjusting the jack stand height, be careful not to pinch your fingers or hands. * Do not use the weight more than 2t. * Use only for its intended purpose. * Do not give a shock, such as throwing, dropping, hitting. * Before using, make sure there is no abnormality in each part. * If there are deformation of the body and column, remarkable backlash, strange noise, stop using and contact your dealer or the manufacture which is written in the script. * Do not dismantle or remodel it. Not only can not exhibit its intrinsic performance, but also jack stand get damaged and it is dangerous. * Be sure use by two.
Highest Position (mm)
Height (mm)
During one stage during 299/2 stage during 332/3 stage 365
Dimension (mm)
277x210x240 (dimensions of the jack socket portion min 75x40)
For vehicles
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Review Rating: 4.27
48 Customer Reviews
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When the jack-up
From Japan
On 2016-11-29 14:48:29
Cheap, because it is foldable, not bulky when not in use.
This review is about item#1066117.
Bike, car maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-11-25 19:32:37
Has become a up to 2 tons, not so much becomes compact more than a compact car is a little anxiety kana ... folded. Use the bike maintenance only.
This review is about item#1066117.
Light box van maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-11-24 15:02:26
I received today. So it surprised (laughs) surprisingly small opened the box. Not yet used, but you could use at that time because the next month to replace the brake pads. Is the size that can be standing in the car does not get in the way.
This review is about item#1633546.
Used to jack up the car.
From Japan
On 2016-11-13 18:31:07
But inexpensive, no problem. I think that's a good commodity.
This review is about item#1066117.
Maintenance of private cars
From Japan
On 2016-11-05 12:56:24
Also saved storage because folding in a small weighing. If the personal use is sufficient.
This review is about item#1066117.
Vehicle inspection measures
From Japan
On 2016-10-19 19:01:24
After taking a pre-estimate of the vehicle inspection at the dealer, I was tired to fool high parts fee wage. Ordered the tie rod end and the product on the net, it was completed at the end one-third or less of the expense. This stand is likely Konosaki many things can take advantage of, is happy to use the cheap split. Just really perfect score if there is protection in the part that is in contact with the car body. In fact I used to rely on the rubber plate.
This review is about item#1066117.
Vehicle maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-10-09 23:03:31
I wanted products, because it was none will be in stock until November, select here reluctantly. Because to use is light vehicles of less than one ton performance itself is no problem, or did not care, to disposable at several times that only in the painting hit the asphalt peeled off immediately, you feel you should not have to paint ... . Unfortunately.
This review is about item#1066117.
Car tires, used as a platform at the time of oil exchange
From Japan
On 2016-09-30 01:15:51
Used in the Legacy BH5. No particular problem. Good cost performance
This review is about item#01066117.
The development of the car below
From Japan
On 2016-08-30 19:29:46
Since no less frequently used in the development of private cars, collapsible of the grateful. I think the strength is enough because the light box.
This review is about item#1066117.
Car maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-08-18 02:35:25
Inexpensive but has been firm, also useful for storage. But the best of the if there is a cheap rubber pad that correspond after, but ...
This review is about item#01066117.