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  • Electrical Crimping Tool

Electrical Crimping Tool FK1

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Working Range
Wire cutter, open barrel Terminal (1.25, 2.0, 5.5 mm2), bolt cutter (M2.6, M3, M3.5, M4 and M5), bare lug / PB sleeve (1.25, 2.0, 5.5 mm2), wire stripper (0.75, 0.9, 1.25, 2.0, 3.5, 5.5)
Overall Length (mm)
Car maintenance, plant maintenance, telephone and telegraph wires and audio, electrical equipment and machine tools, various hobbies.
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Review Rating: 3.60
15 Customer Reviews
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Pressure bonding
From Japan
On 2016-04-19 15:23:31
Other crimping, has become a description can also be used cable stripper, but sharpness is very bad. We also contacted the manufacturer, but the sharpness is deliberately sweet not to cut the wire It seems to have to. We recommend the purchase of a dedicated cable stripper.
This review is about item#37031811.
Work of connecting to the terminal block
From Japan
On 2016-04-12 10:55:37
FK2 purchase, crimping of insulation terminal is considerable force need to crimp the OK but naked terminal. Both tried in for 11.25sq. Blade thickness is for bare terminal there 4mm but so is tightened lightly and to reduce the blade thickness as well as for insulation terminal. 2.66mm the for 1.25 in my case, further poppy file a for 2.0 to 2.86mm male die mountain was so that it lies flat. Once you peel also painted female die, crimping result is clean when there is a gloss. I think the blade thickness may be thinner. In case you're wondering.
This review is about item#36954321.
Crimping operation of the terminal
From Japan
On 2015-06-12 18:23:10
It is a staple of the old days. Grip of goodness and good, tough tool that can be used long.
This review is about item#02185793.
Mounting of navigation
From Japan
On 2015-05-19 16:16:42
Why can not be purchased in other This product can be purchased at this price
This review is about item#02185793.
Car maintenance
From Japan
On 2014-06-01 17:17:51
Price is also pleased cheaply.
This review is about item#37031836.
In order to crush the fastener
From Japan
On 2014-04-30 20:19:42
I was like had to choose the thing out of the standard, did not at all useless! Do not know what or goods to try to use, you do not know to take in hand, we need to give the force. After all, this tool was not used.
This review is about item#02185793.
Cutting and crimping of aluminum sleeve of the wire
From Japan
On 2014-03-12 20:15:49
can not cut. Not expired just 1mm of wire. If you Shigeshigeto observe the structure of the cutter part, can only crush so what "pliers instead of a blade." Unfortunately, I feel cheated.
This review is about item#02185793.
From Japan
On 2013-12-04 08:54:55
Since there is no "0.5" of the wire stripper, it is somewhat dissatisfied
This review is about item#37031811.
Wiring processing and terminal crimping
From Japan
On 2012-10-10 19:38:07
It could be used without problems in the making that was tight. However, grip portion opened the seal has with Beto, is regrettable had in shrimp mark is blurred and wipe with a towel.
This review is about item#02185793.
Electrical cord connection
From Japan
On 2012-03-16 23:04:44
For connecting an electrical cord, it was purchased with the insulating coating with a closed end connection terminal. Commodity feature was to understand well the photograph or the like. Because it was the first time of the electrical cord connected to work, I do not think it possible to be too much future use, was in inexpensive crimping tool. Was used, the electrical code of cutting nipper, of the vinyl portion of the electrical cord cut, was 3 kind of crimp connection terminals. For the novice, it was very convenient. It is what hope there is one in the family, if, might light and Are You a skilled, it is just a good weight for women. However, it was this time will somehow knowledge that has been seen when small in relation to the parent of the work, because the electrical connection relationship, when you work hard the future, its own way of knowledge I thought that it was necessary. But, the work that was left trader until now was able to on their own is the satisfaction and surprise. We are grateful for the abundance of your products.
This review is about item#02185793.