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  • Air Filter

Air Filter TA-1487

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Item Feature
Our Reference Number (MonotaRO)
Third-Party Reference Number (MICRO)
Third-Party Reference Number (TOYO)
Part No.
Even if the car is same type, there will be differences in type model and year model. So please take note of the authentic product number.
Third-Party Reference Number (Roadpartner)
Third-Party Reference Number (NITTO)
Third-Party Reference Number (TACTI)
Compatible Model
Crown Mark II
Compatible Vehicle model (Toyota)
TOYOTA CRESTA (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO 92.10-95.09 Y-LX90 (2L-TE) TOYOTA CRESTA (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO 95.09-96.09 KD-LX90 (2L-TE) TOYOTA CRESTA (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO KD-LX100 (2L-TE) 96.09- TOYOTA CHASER (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO 92.10-95.09 Y-LX90 (2L-TE) TOYOTA CHASER (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO 95.09-96.09 KD-LX90 (2L-TE) TOYOTA CHASER (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO KD-LX100 (2L-TE) 96.09- TOYOTA MARK ? (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO Y-LX90 (2L-TE) 92.05-95.09 TOYOTA MARK ? (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO KD-LX90 (2L-TE) 95.09-96.09 TOYOTA MARK ? (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO KD-LX100 (2L-TE) 96.09-99.08 TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 3000 92.10-95.08 E-JZS147 (2JZ-GE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 3000 91.10-95.08 E-JZS149 (2JZ-GE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 3000 95.08-98.08 E-JZS155 (2JZ-GE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 3000 98.08-99.09 GF-JZS155 (2JZ-GE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 91.10-95.08 E-UZS141 (1UZ-FE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 92.10-95.08 4WD E-UZS143 (1UZ-FE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 4 WD 4WS E-UZS145 (1UZ-FE) 92.10-95.08 TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 93.08-95.08 E-UZS147 (1UZ-FE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 95.08-98.08 E-UZS151 (1UZ-FE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 98.08-99.09 GF-UZS151 (1UZ-FE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 95.11-98.08 4WD E-UZS155 (1UZ-FE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 98.08-99.09 GF-UZS155 (1UZ-FE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 95.08-98.08 E-UZS157 (1UZ-FE) TOYOTA CROWN MAJESTA 4000 98.08-99.09 GF-UZS157 (1UZ-FE) TOYOTA CROWN (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO 95.12-99.09 KD-LS151 (2L-TE) TOYOTA CROWN (DIESEL) 2400 TURBO 95.08-99.09 KD-LS151H (2L-TE) TOYOTA ARISTO 4000 91.10-97.08 E-JZS147 (2JZ-GE) TOYOTA ARISTO 4000 TURBO E-JZS147 (2JZ-GTE) 91.10-97.08 TOYOTA ARISTO 4000 92.10-97.08 4WD E-UZS 143 (1UZ-FE)
Main Conforming Genuine Product Number
V9112-0011 17801-54130 17801-50020
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Review Rating: 4.62
344 Customer Reviews
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Used at the time of vehicle maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-12-03 09:32:17
Amount of money is also cheap, very convenient because even need in order to go to the trouble to buy you were this. It does not change the more things and the difference that is sold commercially. Also when necessary will buy.
This review is about item#9913723.
Car maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-11-30 16:36:13
Rest assured that genuine manufacturer-specified items to be exactly the same kind of form
This review is about item#46838784.
E12 notebook air element exchange of
From Japan
On 2016-11-28 13:53:12
MADE IN JAPAN! Exchange from genuine at the time of new car. It makes you even if you firmly problem-free good.
This review is about item#46838793.
Car maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-11-24 11:04:21
The quality is equivalent to genuine. Because the cheaper price and can be purchased on the web site, I think a very good considering the time and the like.
This review is about item#9916401.
The required vehicle
From Japan
On 2016-11-21 16:34:07
Compared to the Monotarou brand because it was only a little higher was in here.
This review is about item#9913321.
Periodic replacement
From Japan
On 2016-11-19 21:04:06
I thought going to buy genuine or Takuti, but remembered there was a thing certainly various manufacturers to Monotarou's, was to this check variety. I was able to buy pretty cheap compared to the genuine and Takuti. The bottom line of quality, is very genuine itself. Filter the quality and thickness, etc. It was compared with that of the new car, but the difference is I do not know. It is recommended.
This review is about item#46838881.
Used car
From Japan
On 2016-10-30 18:03:25
It survived without problems use the track for the work I wish I become a little more cheaply
This review is about item#5821724.
Car maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-10-29 03:33:46
Is a manufacturer that is always used to, without the same as genuine, has been used.
This review is about item#35344592.
Maintenance inspection, etc.
From Japan
On 2016-10-18 18:39:27
So because prices are cheap profit rate is up, very, you have come in handy.
This review is about item#5821943.
Maintenance of car
From Japan
On 2016-10-08 06:13:51
In particular, it can be exchanged without any problems, I am satisfied because the commodity is also something that was firm.
This review is about item#88186944.