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  • Enclosed Buckle Container, Clear
  • Enclosed Buckle Container, Clear
  • Enclosed Buckle Container, Clear

Enclosed Buckle Container, Clear MBL-22

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Item Feature
Main Material
Polypropylene, stainless steel, EVA resin
TRUSCO Part Number
2014 TRUSCO Published Page
Capacity (L)
2015 Trusco Published Pages
4 1151
Unit Outside Dimensions (Width W x Depth D x Height H)(mm)
About 525x about 385x about 180
Inner Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) (mm)
About 430x about 310x about 160
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Review Rating: 4.56
16 Customer Reviews
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Storage of materials that hate moisture
From Japan
On 2016-03-10 17:46:48
It is well possible products for the price. The new standard from the company's products has changed packing material in liquid packing, there is a divergence of stickiness and organic substances. We would like to continue the sale of this product. Incidentally, it is inconvenient that the sales quantity is limited to three. And we'd appreciate it if you could also provide one thing.
This review is about item#08249175.
Storage of packing tape class
From Japan
On 2016-01-19 21:12:33
No far problem because to store long-term storage of packing tape or paper tape class
This review is about item#08249157.
Storage box of the digital camera
From Japan
On 2015-10-06 17:13:34
I am using in the storage box of the digital camera. Put the silica gel 5g about 15, humidity was the first 54% is after two days had become 28%. (Measurement put a digital temperature and humidity meter. It should be noted that since the MBL-13 greater than the MBL-22 was sold at ¥ 1191 in the Amazon, is for increased buying I bought it.
This review is about item#37670796.
Organize luggage
From Japan
On 2015-08-22 09:06:29
Convenient to see the medium to organize various things. Since the degree of aging do not know, still it does not say anything but, and keep, such as in a place in the sun, worry wonder deterioration progresses.
This review is about item#37670814.
Organizing and storage of optical components
From Japan
On 2015-08-13 17:03:52
We have already used the MLB-22 more than 20 units, MLB-13 also had to use a few units, the MLB-13 in this additional order for 10 units. High steel closed container box is small in the market, also, can not be used casually is expensive as moisture proof storage for the camera. The sealed container box and a reasonable, unparalleled in terms versatile. Typical applications include organizing and storage of camera and lens such that more than 1,000 points that collection. They are replaced one after the other in this container box container box or case you have been using up to now. The drying agent and oxygen scavenger as long as you put in this case, little of course also worry about mold contamination of dust. Although trade-off is difficult with the cost, I think even better if the following improvements. Or, I think that if it is released as a top model, leaving the current model, you want to further use. And change the affect packing into the silicon rubber sealing property. Expansion buckle from two locations in the four locations. (Especially of large size container) And improvement of the handle portion. (The container finger is painful in a state of being in full because it takes the finger is small) - Enhancement and system of variation. (Again use as vertical, horizontal size of the different remains depth were the same model, or in case it increases further the lid around than the largest MLB-45 currently,, MLB-22 and MLB-13 has just a few pieces Again put as, the adoption of TP standard or system that conforms to it.
This review is about item#08249114.
Storage of products that hate moisture
From Japan
On 2015-07-13 15:09:21
Packing is superior to good effectiveness tightness, not the ratio of the general costume case. It is perfect to store the materials and products that dislike moisture. In addition, you can buy cheaply in the sale of collectively. This is a very affordable.
This review is about item#08249132.
By work we use to separate into an article.
From Japan
On 2015-07-02 16:57:49
Since the container is transparent, it is very useful because even the contents of which can be seen without taking the lid. The container can be stacked, in a size that fits just as well on the shelf, it will also be very feel the cleanest storage of container itself.
This review is about item#08249157.
Storage of books and documents
From Japan
On 2015-01-15 16:39:31
Similar products are many, but to have a sense of security to make is if you are firm, you are welcome to have excellent structure to prevent dust intrusion. If necessary, we believe that going to increase buying the future in this product.
This review is about item#37670814.
Storage of the camera lens, book store, model storage of
From Japan
On 2014-03-11 15:24:49
Moisture, or because the dust does not enter. Storage of large lens of the camera, although accommodated in a desiccant, conveniently less expensive than dry box. Improvements, but worried about the strength of the buckle, there is no far problem.
This review is about item#08249175.
Storage of optical components
From Japan
On 2013-10-30 21:45:21
High sealing performance products in this type is small, I was looking for a long time. I did a good shopping. It is reasonable to price basis. If the request, crushed the lid side of the packing influence the tightness to put overlaid, so impairing the sealing properties, that I want to sell this packing in the option. If this packing, if it is possible to to if a higher density of things, such as silicon, to become even better. In addition, you stopped at the buckle of the short side two places, easy to leave a gap in the long side of the packing, We would appreciate it if you would to a total of four locations of each of two locations the buckle on the long side if possible.
This review is about item#08249132.