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Tap Extractor PT3-6

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Item Feature
To pull out broken taps.
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Use Tap Handle
2014 TRUSCO Published Page
Dimension / Conception Tap (mm)
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Review Rating: 2.25
12 Customer Reviews
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Tap fold processing
From Japan
On 2016-12-20 19:38:55
Those that arrived were also black plated ones. It is different from the catalog. Although it actually used, the axis of the main body was twisted and it could not be removed. Although it feels strong if it breaks hard, feeling of use twisted and feels like guya, I feel insufficient strength.
This review is about item#8278812.
Removing a broken tap
From Japan
On 2016-08-02 19:09:59
It was very easy to break a broken tap, it is a great one
This review is about item#08278794.
Removing broken taps
From Japan
On 2016-07-17 23:32:28
Unfortunately, I could not get the tap that I got into. Although the item that arrived is certainly a part number, it is not a plating treatment like the one on the catalog page, but is the real color of a similar black coloring no brand item? Why is not it like a catalog like plating?
This review is about item#08278794.
Sampling work of a broken tap
From Japan
On 2016-04-12 14:49:14
① I broke the broken tap, but the body was plastically deformed (twisted and never returned). ② Mr. Mizo no mo saw spreading out. ③ Improvement point: It is better to take measures to raise the hardness of the main body. It seems that it is better to perform strength up processing such as quenching and tempering.
This review is about item#08278785.
Removing broken taps
From Japan
On 2016-03-05 21:34:42
I bought it to remove because the 10 mm tip of the 6 mm trip of three claws broke in and entered inside. Blow off the cracked tap of the tap with air, spray a lot of anti-rust agent and oil, first push the three claws all the way, then hit the center part against the surface and press the outer ring and turn it with a wrench when you turn it with a wrench I was able to remove it. I thought that I was glad I bought it.
This review is about item#08278794.
Remove fold tap
From Japan
On 2014-08-10 14:28:56
The tip bent, it did not become usable.
This review is about item#08278776.
Unbent tap
From Japan
On 2014-08-10 08:18:16
If you pull out a broken tap as before, you can not use it because it is not bent because there is no strength on the thin wire part inserted. Although the length is good, it is vulnerable to twisting, and it may be short so I want a structure with strength.
This review is about item#08278812.
Elimination of broken taps
From Japan
On 2014-05-12 16:27:18
Since I was reading other people's impressions, I tried not to apply excessive force and also read the manual of the website carefully and used it. However, because of the strong digging in, the metal that the tap is stuck for because of aluminum, the tap of the broken straight groove did not move at all, the nail and the shaft immediately bent (twisted). Moreover, one of the nails has broken the L-shaped part on the opposite side from the one to insert. Is returnable possible? I think that the idea is a very good product, so I would like the manufacturer to examine the highly rigid measures. High rigidity may also become brittle. The broken tap was cut and removed with a hard drill purchased at the same time (for breaking tap removal).
This review is about item#08278812.
Remove fold tap
From Japan
On 2014-03-28 21:11:35
I thought that this product is supposed to be a tap of straight grooves could be imagined before purchasing, but I thought that it will manage somehow even with a spiral tap and purchased it. I saw the product and found that it is not likely to be used in the spiral. Since there is no mechanism to push the nail, with a spiral tap, when you try to pull out by turning it to the left, the nail will rise. Although I gave up halfway, I was able to pull it out easily by pushing it from the other side, which was slightly tapped out, by turning it clockwise from the other side, saying that it might be better to push out from the other way. I could fulfill the purpose for a while by saying. I think that it can be used more easily if a tap of a straight groove is used. It is possible to use it if it is possible to extrude with a right hand turn with a spiral tap.
This review is about item#08278794.
Rescuing a broken tap
From Japan
On 2013-11-19 23:59:58
I broke away from the spiral form and confirmed later that I managed to rescue it by pushing diagonally. While challenging several times, the thick ring fixing the nails got loose and it got frustrating because it got out as soon as turning downward
This review is about item#08278794.