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Digital Calipers 150

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Item Feature
For measuring of outer diameter, inner diameter, depth and uneven., For measuring of outer diameter, inner diameter, depth and uneven., For measuring of outer diameter, inner diameter, depth and uneven., For measuring of outer diameter, inner diameter, depth and uneven.
Repeat Pricision (mm)
Allowable Temperature (degreeC)
Stainless steel
Dimensions C (mm)
Dimensions D (mm)
Measuring Range (mm)
Minimum Display (mm)
Dimensions E (mm)
Button battery LR44
Instrumental Error (mm)
Dimensions B (mm)
Dimensions A (mm)
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Review Rating: 4.19
105 Customer Reviews
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Machine maintenance
From Japan
On 2017-08-30 21:56:47
It is cheap, it is quite good to measure up to 0.01.
This review is about item#8469308.
Leather thickness etc.
From Japan
On 2017-08-29 15:09:50
It is a product of a big hit feeling among the items I bought recently. Very nice!
This review is about item#8469317.
For lateral feed dimension display of milling machine (digital scale)
From Japan
On 2017-08-16 17:27:21
Since it is not used as a vernier caliper, the pinched hole was processed, but somehow with the display part was sawed off somehow, but the scale side was hard and could not be cut with a saw. Since it can not be helped, it was cut with a diamond cutter and processed. Since it can display up to 1/100 mm as a feed scale, it is useful. It's best if you attach proof to the display.
This review is about item#8469308.
For measurements during jig production
From Japan
On 2017-08-07 16:37:14
I was surprised that digital caliper 300 mm can be purchased at this price. Slider slippery is awkward, but there are no particular problems in terms of measurement and the price is cheap so it can be used with ease.
This review is about item#8469326.
Maintenance of the motorcycle (thank you for the presbyopic digital display)
From Japan
On 2017-07-23 23:32:11
After becoming presbyopic, it became difficult to judge detailed numerical values. In order to accurately read the calipers of the calipers, I thought that it was inconvenient because I had to bring a magnifying glass. I thought about buying a digital caliper that comes out with numbers, but it is expensive. However, since Monotaro's digital calipers are not so expensive, I tried purchasing daringly. The digital caliper arrived in the case, and it also has a replacement battery. It was troublesome to read the instruction manual first, but there is nothing I can not use without reading it. Intuitively understand. Try it, it's convenient for presbyopia. I wish I had bought it sooner. Numerals digitally appear, but I do not know the accuracy. Although the digital weighing scale gets accurate numerical values, the accuracy is quite sweet, and conventional springs alone are superior. However, with my work level, even if there are some errors, there is no problem, so I am satisfied personally. The disadvantage is that even if you correct 0, you are out of control when using it next time. It seems better to do 0 correction every time you use it. Also, as it says "Keep it clean" in the instruction manual, carefully handling it. Even though it is covered with oil like ordinary calipers, it seems that it can not be said OK if you wipe it later.
This review is about item#8469308.
In-process inspection of press parts
From Japan
On 2017-07-13 08:45:15
Well, although I care enough to put it on hand, the main body is a substitute attached with a "monotalou" mark made in China which sells cheaply on the net. Next time, I wonder if it is OK without a mark ...
This review is about item#8469308.
DIY etc.
From Japan
On 2017-07-10 21:08:55
I think measurement accuracy is enough for minutes to use with DIY. I thought that it would be nice if there was an auto power off function that could run in about 5 minutes. Although I do not know clearly because there is no description in the manual, I kept the power on even if I left it for about 20 minutes so be careful not to forget to switch off the switch.
This review is about item#8469308.
A friend of work
From Japan
On 2017-06-25 17:20:10
Since it is a digital display, it is not necessary to read Vernier, so it is very helpful to me of presbyopia. Since the slide also has no play, you can pinch the object firmly. A little value is up, but I am satisfied.
This review is about item#8469292.
From Japan
On 2017-06-24 19:11:46
I was looking for a 100 mm digital caliper. I thought that it was a bit heavy, but the accuracy is sufficient, the thumb roller is attached and it is easy to use. I think that it is even better if auto off is on.
This review is about item#8469292.
Dimension measurement
From Japan
On 2017-06-14 16:30:34
In order to reduce individual differences in measurement, we purchased it by replacing it with a conventional one. Digital calipers are also cheaper. The accuracy seems to be no problem at the moment.
This review is about item#8469308.