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  • Meter Relay K3MA-J
  • Meter Relay K3MA-J
  • Meter Relay K3MA-J

Meter Relay K3MA-J K3MA-J-A2 AC100-240V

K3MA-J-A2 AC100-240V
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Item Feature
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order.
Vibration Resistance
Frequency: 10 to 55Hz, acceleration: 50m / s 2 X, Y, Z each direction 5min x 10 sweep
EMC Standard
EN61326 + A1 industrial applications static: EMI: EN61326 + A1 industrial applications radiated disturbance field strength: CISPR 11 Group 1, Class A noise terminal voltage: 1, Class A EMS CISPR 11 Group discharge immunity: EN61000-4-2 electromagnetic fie
Storage Temperature Range (degree c)
-25 to +65(No condensation, No freezing)
Display Update Period
(Sampling period x average number of times the average processing function used) sampling period
Protection Feature
(100,000 times the number of writes) non-volatile memory: memory
Operating Ambient Temperature (deg C)
-10 to +55(No condensation, No freezing)
Input Signal
(0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 5V, 1 to 5V, +/- 5V, +/- 10V) DC current / voltage
Display Part
7-segment digital table shows
Zero: the high-order digits zero suppression
Measurement: double integration method
Protection Structure
Front: NEMA4X Indoor compliant (IP66 equivalent) rear case: IP20 terminal area: IP00 + finger protection (VDE0106 / 100)
Response Time
Comparison output: 750ms or less
Power Supply Voltage (V)
AC100 to 240(50/60Hz)
Minimum Adaptable Load
P level, reference value (cosphi = 0.4, L / R = 7ms) both (cosphi = 1), inductive load DC5V, 10mA resistive load
Output Form
Relay contact output (two outputs each 1a)
Noise Immunity
Square wave of +/- 1micros power terminal normal / common mode +/- 1500V rising 1ns, 100ns
Rated Load
AC250V 1A, DC30V 1A: resistive load (cosphi = 1): (cosphi = 0.4, L / R = 7ms) AC250V 5A, DC30V 5A inductive load
Rated Current (A)
(Cosphi = 0.4, L / R = 7ms) both resistive load (maximum current of the common terminal) 5 (cosphi = 1), inductive load
Allowable Voltage Range
85-110% of the supply voltage
Polar Display
When negative, the input signal is automatically - Table view the ""
Safety Standards
2 / Overvoltage category Pollution degree II: UL3121-1, EN61010-1 (IEC61010-1)
Ambient Humidity
25-85% relative humidity (with no condensation)
Sampling Period
Input Impedance
Current input: 45ohm voltage input: 1Mohm or more
Insulation Resistance (Mohm)
Case between the external terminals (at DC500V mega), more than 20 input - output - power between
Scaling function: Program method (Table show range conforms to the maximum display digit number) can be set arbitrarily hold function The position of the decimal point: MAX value hold (maximum value), MIN value hold (minimum value ) comparison output hyst
Type: DC voltage / DC current
Body Weight (g)
Withstand Voltage
(Case between the external terminals and) AC2000V more than 1min
Display Digit
: Up to 5 digits (-19999 to 99999)
Impact Resistance (m/s2)
3 times each in 6 100 3-axis direction
Maximum Contact Voltage (V)
(Cosphi = 0.4, L / R = 7ms) both (cosphi = 1), inductive load AC250, DC150 resistive load
Mechanical: 5 million times or more electrical (1200 times / h switching frequency) (ambient temperature conditions + 20 deg C): resistive load (10 times / min rated load switching frequency) 100,000 times or more (cosphi = 1), (cosphi = 0.4, L / R = 7ms)
Maximun Contact Current (A)
(Cosphi = 0.4, L / R = 7ms) both resistive load (maximum current of the common terminal) 5 (cosphi = 1), inductive load
Maximum Switching Capacity
(Cosphi = 0.4, L / R = 7ms) both (cosphi = 1), inductive load 1250VA, 150W resistive load
Power Consumption
Maximum load: 6VA following