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Gear Head MY9G36B

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Item Feature
Recommended Screw Tightening Torque (N m [kgf / cm])
Bearing Life
Standard: 10,000 hours
Motor Capacity
60W or more
Weight (kg)
Allowable Thrust Load (N[kgf])
With hinge
M6x25 hexagon socket head cap screw
Induction motor 90mm M91Z60G4L / M91Z60G4Y / M91Z60GU / M91Z60G4GE / M91Z90G4L / M91Z90G4Y / M91Z90GU / M91Z9GE / M91Z60GK4L / M91Z60GK4Y / M91Z60GKU / M91Z60GK4GE / M91Z90GK4L / M91Z90GK4Y / M91Z90GKU / M91Z90GK4GE reversible motor 90mm M9RZ60G4L / M9RZ60G4Y / M9RZ60GU / M9RZ60G4GE / M9RZ90G4L / M9RZ90G4Y / M9RZ90GU / M9RZ90G4GE / M9RZ60GK4L / M9RZ60GK4Y / M9RZ60GKU / M9RZ60GK4GE / M9RZ90GK4L / M9RZ90GK4Y / M9RZ90GKU / M9RZ90GK4GE three-phase motor 90mm M9MZ60G4Y / M9MZ60GU / M9MZ60G4CE / M9MZ90G4Y / M9MZ90GU / M9MZ90G4CE / M9MZ60GK4Y / M9MZ60GKU / M9MZ60GK4CE / M9MZ90GK4Y / M9MZ90GKU / M9MZ90GK4CE electromagnetic brake motor with 90mm M9RZ60GB4L / M9RZ60GB4Y / M9RZ60GBU / M9RZ60GB4GE / M9RZ90GB4L / M9RZ90GB4Y / M9RZ90GBU / M9RZ90GB4GE / M9MZ60GB4Y / M9MZ60GBU / M9MZ60GB4CE variable speed induction type motor 90mm M91Z60GV4L / M91Z60GV4Y / M91Z60GV4GE / M91Z90GV4L / M91Z90GV4Y / M91Z90GV4GE type variable speed reversible motor 90mm M9RZ60GV4L / M9RZ60GV4Y / M9RZ60GV4GE / M9RZ90GV4L / M9RZ90GV4Y / M9RZ90GV4GE variable speed motor unit type 90mm < br> MUSN960GL / MUSN960GY / MUSN990GL / MUSN990GY / MUXN960GL / MUXN960GY / MUXN990GL / MUXN990GY
Structure (Bearing)
Ball bearing
Mounting Screw
Transmissinn Efficiency (%)
Allowable Overhung Load(N[kgf])
Size (mm)
Reduction Ratio
Nominal: 1/36 actual reduction ratio: 1/36.1
Customer Reviews
5 star 8
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Review Rating: 4.09
11 Customer Reviews
The reviews are automatic translation.
Repair of motor for belt conveyor
From Japan
On 2017-12-26 17:30:13
Especially it was able to be repaired without problems. After replacement it is operating without problems.
This review is about item#8632477.
During machine maintenance
From Japan
On 2017-07-31 12:56:51
I was able to purchase it at about half price compared to the place I purchased before. It is packed properly in a box and use at the time of maintenance is satisfied without particular problem.
This review is about item#8632364.
It is for replacement for repair.
From Japan
On 2017-04-11 11:25:25
It was nice to buy it very easy to use. It is amazing.
This review is about item#8632373.
Production line feed belt
From Japan
On 2016-06-08 07:34:58
There is no problem at all.
This review is about item#08632477.
From Japan
On 2016-02-26 10:56:26
It used to be in a box but not recently. Even though the direction when storing it in a box was written. I will doubt whether it is a brand new even if it matches with a new one.
This review is about item#08632337.
YKK's upgate gear
From Japan
On 2015-05-22 09:55:40
Replacement OKI OK
This review is about item#08632434.
Milling machine automatic feed
From Japan
On 2014-11-08 12:43:48
Backlash is large, not suitable for automatic feeding.
This review is about item#08632391.
Milling machine automatic feeding power.
From Japan
On 2014-10-14 10:28:51
There is almost no backlash, accuracy is satisfactory and satisfactory.
This review is about item#08632601.
Rotation control
From Japan
On 2014-05-20 13:57:05
This review is about item#08632276.
For speed change of motor for driving industrial machinery
From Japan
On 2013-06-29 19:50:53
The motor I used before was the M6RA6G4Y + gearhead MA 6G 50B, but it became out of print, it seemed that M6RX6G4Y could be used as a compatible, and it was replaced with this gearhead (MX6G50B) which fits M6RX6G4Y, but it was not possible to use it as it was. The protrusion of the gear attachment part is longer than the MA6G50B and it is necessary to scrape off it, and the notch of the screwing part of the protrusion of the gear attachment part is shallow and it can not be used unless it scrapes there too, so it is compatible from M6RA6G4Y (motor) You had better be careful in the case of replacing. The countermeasure is to cut off the above mentioned method or if there is room in the upper part of the motor, it may be better to put a spacer etc between the machine and the gear head. We are using a spacer.
This review is about item#08631935.