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  • Inverter Freqrol-E700 Series
  • Inverter Freqrol-E700 Series
  • Inverter Freqrol-E700 Series

Inverter Freqrol-E700 Series FR-E720-3.7K

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Item Feature
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order.
Ambient Temperature (Degree C)
-10 to +50 (there should be no freeze)
Ambient Humidity (% RH)
90 Or less (no condensation)
Output Overloaded Current Rating
150% 60s, 200% 3s (inverse time characteristcs)
Frequency Range (Hz)
0.2 - 400
Frequency Tolerance
Rated Input AC Voltage (V)
3-Phase 200-240v (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Output Rating Capacity (kVA)
Output Rating Current (Standard) (A)
Output Voltage (V)
3-Phase 200-240
Torque Boost
3-PHASE 200 V
Cooling System
Forced air cooling
Output Signal
Open collector output (2 points) Relay output (1 point) Pulse output for the display form/MAX 2.4kHz (1 point)
DC Braking
Operating frequency (0 to 120Hz), Operating time (0 to 10s), Variable operating voltage (0-30%)
Starting Torque
200% or more (0.5-Hz ) ... When advanced magnetic flux vector control is set up (3.7K or less)
Frequency Accuracy
[Analog input] maximum output frequency within +/- 0.5% (25 degree c +/- 10degreec) [Digital input] within 0.01% of set output frequency
Frequency Setting Resolution
[Analog input] 0.06Hz/60Hz(0?10V/10bit) 0.12Hz/60Hz(0?5V/9bit) 0.06Hz/60Hz(4?20mA/10bit) [digital input] 0.01Hz
Modes of operation
Upper and lower limit frequency setting, frequency jump operation, external thermal relay input selection Momentary power failure restart operation, forward and reverse rotation prevention,Remote configuration Brake sequence, 2nd function, multi-speed operation and stop control Droop control, regeneration avoidance, slip compensation, Operation mode selection, Offline auto tuning function PID control , Computer link operation (RS-485)
Used as components of manufacturing industries, such as conveyance and food machines
Indoor (no corrosive gases, flammable gas, oil mist, or dust can)
Protection Structure (JEM1030)
Closed form (IP20)
Output Contact
During inverter operation, frequency reached, output frequency detection, overtemperature load alarm Regenerative break pre alarm, electronic thermal pre alarm, inverter drive ready to go Zero output current sensing current sensing, PID lower limit, limit PID, PID forward reverse output Brake of openness, fan failure, overheating of pre alarm FIN, slowing down during a power outage PID control action in a life alarm, the current average value monitoring, retry in the remote output Choose from light fault output, error output, maintenance timer alarm
Storage Temperature (DegreeC)
-20 - +65
AC Voltage Tolerance (V)
170 - 264(50Hz/60Hz)
Vibration (m/s2)
5.9 Below
Elevation (m)
Below 1000 above sea level
Outer Dimensions (Width W x Height H x Depth D) (mm)
Power Capacity (kVA)
Approximate Weight (kg)
Capacity (kW)
Display Mode
Output frequency , motor current (steady-state), output voltage , frequency settings Motor torque ,converter output voltage, regenerative brake duty, electronic thermal relay function load factor Output current peak value, converter output voltage peak value, reference voltage output and motor load factor Selection from the target value of PID, PID measurements, output power Pulse output (1440/s pulse / full scale)
Stall Prevention Oprerating Level
Operation current level can be set (variable 0-200%), presence or absence can be selected
Control Method
Soft-PWM control / high carrier frequency PWM control V / F Control , general-purpose magnetic flux vector control, advanced magnetic flux vector control, choice of optimum excitation control
Acceleration-Deceleration Speed Time
0.01-360s, 0.1-3600s ((Acceleration and deceleration can be set individually), Linear or S-shape acceleration and deceleration mode can be selected
Input Signal
7 Points (multi-level speed selection, remote selection, rely stop choice, 2nd function selection Terminal 4 input selection, JOG operation selection, PID control valid terminal, brake opening completion signal External thermal input, Pu-external operation switch, V/Fswitching , output stop Start self-holding selection, forward and reverse directive Inverter reset, PU-NET switching operation, External-NET operation switchover, Switching command source Select from Inverter operation enable signal, PU operation external interlock Frequency setting signal / analog 2 points, digital (input by operator panel and parameter units)
Frequency Characteristics
Base frequency from 0-400Hz can be set arbitrarily Constant torque and torque pattern can be selected
Protection Alarm Function
Protection feature / acceleration during over current, constant speed during the overvoltage current, deceleration overcurrent during, acceleration during overvoltage Constant speed during overvoltage, reduction in voltage, inverter protection thermal behavior Motor protection thermal behavior, Finn overheating, input phase loss, startup output-side ground-fault current overload Output short circuit, phase loss output, external thermal behavior, unusual options, parameter error PU strain outbreak, retries-number of times over, CPU failure, brake transistor abnormality Inrush resistance overheat , Communication error, analog input error, USB communication error Brake sequence error 2-7 Alarm function/ fan failure , Overcurrent stall prevention , Overvoltage stall prevention PU suspension, parameter error write and regenerative brake prealarm Electronic thermal relay,Maintenance output,Undervoltage
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10 Customer Reviews
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Can manufacturing welding
From Japan
On 2016-11-01 15:23:02
I'm running because Le can change the number of revolutions free to exhaust fans, we have very efficient and liked.
This review is about item#9199687.
New facilities
From Japan
On 2016-09-29 16:11:27
I asked the delivery date to the trading company, responded with three months. Once you have searched the net, your display, the notation of the ship on the day. Immediate purchase, Thanks, delivery time was defend. Thank you.
This review is about item#9199662.
For the replacement of the failure goods that are within the switchboard
From Japan
On 2016-07-06 16:25:00
Since the replacement of the breakdown goods, it was easy. We are satisfied.
This review is about item#09199687.
Maintenance of machinery
From Japan
On 2016-05-19 01:52:49
Impressions used is good. I want you to specify in more detail the commodity of hope alternative to the manufacturer. We struggle to alternative product selection.
This review is about item#09199687.
From Japan
On 2015-11-16 17:44:07
Three-phase compressor we receive is the best and it is can be used in the home for single-phase 100V. Compressor you are using currently is noisy sound, I think that has been a nuisance to the people of the neighborhood.
This review is about item#09199653.
Speed ​​adjustment of the belt conveyor
From Japan
On 2015-09-21 17:49:15
Than previous products, frequency change has become easier to use.
This review is about item#09199671.
The motor of the machine tool
From Japan
On 2015-04-04 16:38:00
Price, ease of use is affordable and satisfying both
This review is about item#09199687.
Use the acceleration and deceleration control of overhead traveling motor of the hoist.
From Japan
On 2014-12-11 19:49:40
Winning use is good, but do not understand well need description of the brake resistance in the instruction manual.
This review is about item#09199671.
Drawer pump of fruit juice
From Japan
On 2014-02-10 07:43:58
Yes effect on energy saving.
This review is about item#09199723.
Control of the blower.
From Japan
On 2011-04-02 08:20:26
First-class products is great to buy at this price. White Cocco fan of the air volume, sound is also pleased to be set at just the right
This review is about item#09199757.