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  • Pig Leather Gloves

Pig Leather Gloves PK-251

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Item Feature
(Leather) Size
Middle Finger Length (cm)
Approx. 9
Pig outer skin
Overall Length (cm)
About 23.5
Palm Width (cm)
About 11
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Review Rating: 4.50
12 Customer Reviews
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Racking construction
From Japan
On 2016-04-06 22:04:54
I purchased a look at the reviews of reputation, but I do not know happens to lots of the pig skin was far from thing to say that fit well to never hand firmly and flaky Pig skin is very soft working glove of JOB master a commodity, pleasure not slip even with the iron plate with texture, such as goat leather, I purchased this product in such an image, fine work so hard the whole without fingertip sensation It was not suitable for. Pigskin gloves and not much different from that was purchased at about 600 yen in the Cain home, was leaving the capital to sadly oysters of stripping work gloves. I purchased 10 twin nearby to look for work likely to gloves in this what months later or, skin is soft, that hard to slip and, I Provencal consider the height and penguin ace of texture is given the highest rating There, Mr. a is Monotarou 10 set sale of the twin will be a little failure
This review is about item#09256256.
Fruit tree pruning
From Japan
On 2016-02-02 17:36:57
At first, I thought that if a little stiff, fit from the third day, perfect for fine work such as tie, is easy reviewed better reputation reason very use of. As much as possible, use a cowhide in the hard work, I want to be long-lasting.
This review is about item#09256256.
General working-farm work
From Japan
On 2015-10-08 16:20:58
It is strong and work orientation than "TVC-401". Fit and flexibility, but is TVC-401 Robustness There are better here. Minamimura durability than Mfg "floor leather gloves instep knit" is less, but I think that easy-to-use soft and thin. Recommended for work not only hard
This review is about item#09256256.
Car maintenance
From Japan
On 2013-05-25 19:30:43
You can put your hands in a thin, narrow place without getting caught.
This review is about item#09256265.
Assembly work
From Japan
On 2013-03-28 14:10:45
It is easy to work as it does not compare gloves like soft gloves softly. I also bought cheap ones but this one is better than price difference quality
This review is about item#09256256.
Agricultural machinery maintenance
From Japan
On 2013-02-26 18:32:51
this! Sounds good!
This review is about item#09256265.
Machine maintenance
From Japan
On 2013-02-07 18:52:20
Good wearing shoes. It lasts long even with some oil.
This review is about item#09256265.
Detailed manual work
From Japan
On 2013-01-15 13:34:31
Products handled at our company are looking for protective gloves corresponding to it because there is a danger of things sticking to hands and fingers during work. Moreover, it is too thick in the cowhide because the workability drops if the feeling is not transmitted to the end of the hand, and even the pig leather has a fit and the part of the instep is also leather-stretched and there is only this product saying with ate. We have absolute trust in products not found in traders handling other protective gloves. Thanks to the change to this glove, accidents pierced are gone and it is saved.
This review is about item#09256256.
Farm work
From Japan
On 2012-09-11 19:53:59
long lasting.
This review is about item#09256265.
It is a troublesome task if there is no feeling to the hand with detailed work. Moreover, stuffing of things is also a possibility of work.
From Japan
On 2012-05-18 14:50:18
Since there is little sense to the hands when handling products, work efficiency is good and we are working safely. This glove is the best as a result of trying a lot of gloves, supple and fit, which can not be done with cowhide. There is no other.
This review is about item#09256247.