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Rust Removing Detergent

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Rust Remover,"Super Sabi Non"
109.90 SGD
Operating Area: 8 to 10m2
Category Rust Removing Detergent
Rust Remover, "Rust Off Super"
24.15 - 91.61 SGD
pH: Acidity (PH2), Main Ingredient: Inorganic orthophosphoric acid, chelating agent, purified water, etc., Caution 2: There is also that the action such as plating occurs by ion exchange When I soak it for a long time in a liquid metal between different, metal coating of the different components on the metal surface is formed, the color of the surface changes. Further, the same effect can also occur if you have added a metal different from the last time the liquid that has been used once. In some cases, it affects the material surface and'll have to arrive for a long time while in the liquid even after I got the rust. Please discontinue use if that it may re-marking that can not be expected due to the surface treatment method and material occurs, use it after trying in part no problem ...
Category Rust Removing Detergent
Rust Cleaner
13.66 SGD
Capacity (mL): 150, Caution: Do not put different metals in the liquid for a long time, or it cause ion exchange and change the surface color of metals. It occurs if you use used liquid to different type metal. To leave metal in the liquid after rust removal, surface may get affect. Depends on materials, it may get some unexpected effect. In that case, stop using. While using, liquid may enter your eyes, or you may inhale the spray. Be careful. Read application and caution carefully before use and use it correctly, Ingredients: Phosphoric acid, surfactants, chelating agents, other purified water
Category Rust Removing Detergent