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  1. Ultra microfiber gloves
    FALCON Ultra microfiber gloves
    Gloves using ultra-fine fibers (100% polyester) that are 1/100 the thickness of hair. It is a safe and secure product that can be used for cleaning, polishing, water absorption, and as a wipe. Ultra microfiber gloves are comfortable to the touch and warm when used as gloves, but are suitable for ... Read More
    RoHS directive (corresponding to 10 substances)  Quantity per Package (Pair)  Material  100% polyester  Palm Width (cm)  12  Palm Circumference (cm)  22  Overall Length (cm)  23  Middle Finger Length (cm)  6.5  Function  For dust absorption and cleaning  Coating  None  Finger Gusset  None 
    from S$9.39
    Min. 2 days
  2. Here and there
    Teijin Here and there
    Since it is a glove type, even thin gaps can be wiped clean. You can clean the troublesome blinds and the rails of the sash that are difficult to remove.
    Material  60% polyester, 40% nylon  Size  Free 
    from S$10.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Rooster work gloves
    Cowgel Rooster work gloves
    A scrubbing brush made by specially processing aluminum fine particles. Since it can be used with bare hands, it is also ideal for washing details.
    TKG Part No. (2017)  6-1171-2301  TKG Part No.  8-1259-2601  Quantity  One pair 
    from S$7.79
    Min. 2 days
  4. Cleaning catch mittens, dry type, 20 pieces
    Smile Cleaning catch mittens, dry type, 20 pieces
    Just by stroking, you can catch dust, hair, and pollen. Non-oil type! Since it does not use a chemical called dusting agent, it does not slip without leaving any traces of wiping. Physically entangles dirt such as dust, hair, and pollen with a unique brushing method. Cleans small parts as if you ... Read More
    Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  220×235×1  Mass (g)  50  Material  Polypropylene 
    from S$13.99
    Min. 2 days
  5. Clear mittens that fall
    TKG Clear mittens that fall
    Even meshes and cylinders that are difficult to wash can be washed as if they were hand-washed.
    Width (mm)  200  Overall Length (mm)  240  TKG Part No. (2017)  6-1171-0701  TKG Part No.  8-1259-1001  Material  Polyester 
    from S$44.99
    Min. 3 days
  6. Microfiber cleansing gloves
    Y's Corporation Microfiber cleansing gloves
    You can easily clean small and small places. As it is a glove type, it is easy to clean with your hands. A microfiber material that can remove dirt without using detergent. As it is woven so that it is thick, it feels soft and comfortable. Since it is a large size, it can be worn over vinyl glove... Read More
    Dimensions (Width W x Depth D) (mm)  About 250 × 130  Mass (g)  About 55  Size  Free size  Material  Polyester, polyurethane 
  7. Cleansing gloves
    Azuma Kogyo Cleansing gloves
    It is economical because it can be washed and used repeatedly. You can easily clean air conditioner outlets, louver windows, blinds, etc., which are usually difficult to clean. It can be cleaned with the feeling of a fingertip, power is easily transmitted, and it is convenient in both narrow plac... Read More
    Material  Polyester, polyurethane  Mass (g)  About 40  Dimensions (cm)  About 12 × 18 
  8. Microfiber cleaning mittens
    AIMEDIA Microfiber cleaning mittens
    A mittens-type cleaning mop that can be worn in your hand. 2 roles per sheet! Use properly on the cross side and mop side. Cloth surface = Dust removal mop surface = Condensation water absorption Ultra-fine microfiber catches dust firmly! Quick water absorption! For cleaning balconies, windows / ... Read More
    Mass (g)  About 76  Overall Length (cm)  About 25  Width (cm)  10.5 
  9. Shiny baskin pocket with mount
    TOWA INDUSTRY Shiny baskin pocket with mount
    Length (mm)  10  Width (mm)  130  Height (mm)  210  Color  Pink 
  10. Clean up and clean the bag
    LEC Clean up and clean the bag
    Easily clean gaps and grooves with five-finger gloves. Ultra-fine fibers firmly entangle dust up to uneven surfaces and grooves. You can remove dirt without detergent.
    Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  155×200×10 
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