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  1. pedestal
    BMO Japan pedestal
    The air damper reduces vibration! The seat absorbs shocks, which greatly improves the seating comfort! The air damper specifications allow stepless adjustment. You can rotate 360 degrees by loosening the knob. It can be attached to all BMO seats.
    Thickness (mm)  Top panel: 10  Dimension (mm)  Top surface: 170 × 170  Bottom Dimensions (mm)  Φ230 
    from S$299.90
    Min. 9 days
  2. Removable swivel base
    BMO Japan Removable swivel base
    You can easily "install / remove" the seat! A pair of "separate type" swivel bases that are used by attaching bases to the seat side and boat side respectively. If you attach the base to the seat and the boat respectively first, then you can easily attach and detach the seat d... Read More
    Thickness (mm)  [After uniting] 45  Thread Standard  [For boat side installation] M6 x 25  Included Accessories  [Number of screws] 4 
    from S$58.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Swivel base
    BMO Japan Swivel base
    A swivel base used for casting sheets and folding sheets. We offer three types: lightweight aluminum, sturdy stainless steel, and inexpensive steel.
    from S$34.99
    Min. 2 days
  4. Seat mount base
    BMO Japan Seat mount base
    Aluminum and stainless steel seat mount base
    Size (mm)  177×177  Inner Diameter (Φmm)  [Center hole] 19.2  Outer Diameter (Φmm)  [Center hole] 32 
    from S$58.99
    Min. 2 days
  5. Swivel seat mount
    BMO Japan Swivel seat mount
    Steel and stainless steel swivel seat mounts.
    Dimension (mm)  175×175  Screw Hole (Φmm) 
    from S$39.99
    Min. 9 days
  6. Seat pedestal C12592D / C12590D
    BMO Japan Seat pedestal C12592D / C12590D
    A seat pedestal whose height can be adjusted steplessly by simply loosening the dial screw.
    Material  Aluminum / resin 
    from S$239.90
    Min. 8 days
  7. Seat slide base
    BMO Japan Seat slide base
    Easy adjustment of the front and rear position of the seat! This is an optional part exclusively for the seat pedestal. Use this when you want to slide the seat back and forth. You can slide it back and forth by releasing the lever lock.
    Movable range (mm)  140  Material  Aluminum 
    from S$129.90
    Min. 8 days
  8. Swivel shaft C12585S-13 / C12595
    BMO Japan Swivel shaft C12585S-13 / C12595
    It is a shaft that serves as a support when attaching a casting seat, backless, chair, etc. to a bus boat.
    Insertion Hole Diameter (mm)  19  Pillar Diameter (Φmm)  19  Material  Aluminum 
    from S$49.99
    Min. 9 days
  9. Clamp-on swivel base
    BMO Japan Clamp-on swivel base
    A swivel base that is clamped and fixed to convex parts such as FRP boats. It is convenient because it can be used without processing the boat and can be easily attached and detached.
    Mass (kg)  2.3  Mounting dimensions (mm)  215~520  Screw Hole (Φmm)  Material  Steel (black paint)  Interval (mm)  [Bis] 130-148 x 130-148 
    from S$74.99
    Min. 9 days
  10. Swivel base
    Mizumoto Machine Mfg. Swivel base
    Dimension H (mm)  26  Dimension D (mm)  Mass (g)  37  Dimension A2 (mm)  22.5  Material  SUS304  Dimension d (mm)  Dimension A1 (mm)  50 
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