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Gates are used mainly as construction gates or vacant lots to prohibit entry or as simple gates. The aluminum gate is made of an aluminum alloy and is light and strong. It is a bellows type that can expand and contract and can be used in various places. Therefore, it can be used in the range from the minimum width to the maximum width. There are single-open and double-open types, and casters are included for easy carrying and handling.
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  1. Plastic telescopic fence
    iteck Plastic telescopic fence
    The plastic telescopic fence is easy to fold and is convenient to carry! Please adjust the size up to about W3000mm according to the outdoor to indoor usage place such as construction, maintenance work, factory, parking lot, etc.
    Material  ABS resin 
    from S$379.90
    Min. 2 days
  2. Mama Raku Soft Gate R  S
    Richell Mama Raku Soft Gate R S
    A baby gate that can be used according to growth by adjusting the height in 3 steps. A baby gate that protects your baby from injuries and falls near the kitchen, under the stairs, and near the entrance. Baby-friendly, soft and durable material for peace of mind. A baby fence with a height adjust... Read More
    Suitable age (years)  0 (until 6-24 months) 
    from S$84.99
    Min. 7 days
  3. Ad flat
    Adflat is a flat connection in which steel plate panels mesh with each other unevenly. A long flat surface can be secured even if many are arranged side by side, renewing the image of the conventional temporary enclosure steel plate. The white surface can be designed with letters, marks, etc. or ... Read More
    Specification  Corner panel  Working Angle (°)  Out corner: 70, In corner: 300 
    from S$329.90
    Min. 5 days
  4. 2500x1200x50mm folding temporary fence
    ESCO 2500x1200x50mm folding temporary fence
    Since it is a folding screen type, it can be used in corners and circles.
    Material  Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene 
    from S$489.90
    Min. 3 days
  5. calbarricade
    JEFCOM (DENSAN) calbarricade
    Barricade that can be extended up to 2.5m Compact and space-saving Lightweight 3kg for easy movement Comes with a reflector that enhances visibility at night Soft neon lights and a ring-top support that can pass ropes
    Material  PE 
    from S$219.90
    Min. 4 days
  6. Mobile barrier fence
    Rubbermaid Mobile barrier fence
  7. Barricade fence
    Japan Green Cross Barricade fence
    When unfolded, a 4m barricade shuts out intrusions.
    Material  Polypropylene (PP) 
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