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  1. Drug Storage
    Sanwa Kaken Kogyo Drug Storage
    Only when the floor is made of wood or a thin iron plate, it can be fixed with the attached screws. (Fix the bottom with screws at 4 places.) In the case of concrete, it will be anchored. The bottom plate and middle plate are removable.
    Key  1 dial lock and 1 cylinder lock  Material  Steel (melamine baking coating) 
    from S$389.90
    Min. 2 days
  2. Narcotic Drug Storage
    AS ONE Narcotic Drug Storage
    The double door has a key on the inner door. The key is a three-lock type with a rotary encryption lock + cylinder lock on the front door and a cylinder lock on the inner door. It can be fixed using the holes (4 places) on the bottom. With 1 shelf (removable)
    Specification  1 shelf (removable)  As ONE Part Number  2-7980-02  Dimension (mm)  305×215×365  Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  305×215×365  Mass (kg)  Material  Steel (melamine baking coating) 
    from S$439.90
    Min. 2 days
  3. Drugstore
    KENIS Drugstore
    It can store medicines and narcotics that require special management, and the bottom can be fixed to a workbench from inside with screws. ST-T comes with a dangerous goods display sticker.
    Inner Dimensions (mm)  243×178×284  Outer Dimensions (mm)  305×214×363  Mass (kg)  51  Material  Steel 
    from S$459.90
    Min. 4 days
  4. Drugstore
    Sanwa Kaken Kogyo Drugstore
    Material  Steel 
    from S$389.90
    Min. 11 days
  5. Safety Box (Drug Storage)
    KENIS Safety Box (Drug Storage)
    You can store medicines and narcotics that require special management in the storage with dial lock. YC-04H is a double lock with a dial lock and a cylinder lock, so it can be locked more safely. (SC-04H is a dial lock only.) It can be fixed to a storage, etc. using the hole on the bottom. * The ... Read More
    Inner Dimensions (mm)  316×318×333mm  Outer Dimensions (mm)  350×350×400mm  Material  Steel powder coating 
    from S$699.90
    Min. 9 days
  6. Narcotic Safe ST Type
    Tokyo Glass Kikai (TGK) Narcotic Safe ST Type
    Small single door (with 2 locks) for storing valuable chemicals. Since the floor can be screwed, it is excellent in safety and reliability.
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