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  1. Tire lever for truck
    MonotaRO Tire lever for truck
    Essentials for large tire replacement For tire replacement * Please do not use for any other purpose. * Be careful of your surroundings while working and carrying.
    Mass (kg)  2.15  Overall Length (mm)  947  Material  CRV 
    from S$77.99
    Min. 2 days
  2. Tire lever
    SARV Tire lever
    Tire lever with unique bending that is convenient for flat tires
    Length (mm)  500 
    from S$97.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Truck tire lever
    BAHCO Truck tire lever
    Very light and easy to use. Very sturdy with vanadium extra alloy (forged). Since R is attached to the front, you can remove the tire smoothly without damaging the aluminum wheels. A lacquer finish that gives a special bend to the tip.
    Trusco Part No.  252-0877  Mass (kg)  1.36  Finish  lacquer  Overall Length (mm)  600 
    from S$88.99
    Min. 2 days
  4. OR drop adapter
    TIPTOP OR drop adapter
    It is an adapter that reduces the valve size of OR to the valve size of passenger cars and trucks.
    Specification  With cap 
    from S$8.39
    Min. 2 days
  5. Ring lever
    Ken-Tool Ring lever
    Convenient ring tire lever for TB / OR
    from S$139.90
    Min. 2 days
  6. Tire lever
    Rikimaeda Tire lever
    For attaching and detaching TB tubeless tires
    Mass (g)  1900  Overall Length (mm)  930  Material  Iron 
    from S$319.90
    Min. 4 days
  7. Tire lever (Corgie type)
    SARV Tire lever (Corgie type)
    Since the back is flat, there is no need to worry about getting caught in the bead and damaging it. It fits perfectly on the claws of the arm.
    Length (mm)  500 
    from S$89.99
    Min. 6 days
  8. Gator tool set
    Gaither Gator tool set
    Detachable tool set for tubeless tires for trucks and buses. * Used for attaching and detaching the back side (reverse type) of wheels with a rim size of 17.5 to 22.5 inches. It cannot be used for attachment / detachment from the front side.
    from S$1,399.00
    Min. 5 days
  9. Swan neck lever (vine neck lever)
    Ken-Tool Swan neck lever (vine neck lever)
    Length (mm)  760 
    from S$289.90
    Min. 6 days
  10. Wheel pulley track
    TIPTOP Wheel pulley track
    For ISO standards. Ideal for attaching and detaching the front wheel inside the fixed double tire. For removing stuck wheels * Some wheels cannot be used depending on the type of wheel.
    Suitable for  Steel, aluminum wheel rim / 17.5-24.5  Overall Length (mm)  (Main unit) 1200, (Hook) 175  Mass (kg)  4.6 
    from S$759.90
    Min. 7 days
  11. Hazet tire lever (for TB)
    HAZET Hazet tire lever (for TB)
    It is a very durable tire lever that does not bend at all even when the bead of a flat tire is turned up !!
    Overall Length (mm)  598  Type  Trucks / buses 
    from S$259.90
    Min. 6 days
  12. Double hook
    TIPTOP Double hook
    It can correspond to various decorative holes. For removing stuck wheels * Some wheels cannot be used depending on the type of wheel.
    Suitable for  For WP-1TB 
  13. Tire lever for TB (Kentool type)
    Maruni Industry Tire lever for TB (Kentool type)
    Tire repair related tools
    Body Length (mm)  1050  Mass (kg) 
  14. Wheel dolly truck
    TIPTOP Wheel dolly truck
    Can load up to 65 kg. Strength is also safe with steel pipes. You can carry truck and bus tires with a light force. Since it has a roller, it is very convenient when attaching it to the hub bolt. When transporting and attaching / detaching large tires * Because the wheels are small, please be car... Read More
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14 Item(s)

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