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How We Protect Personal Information

Recently, with the rapid advancement of information technology, personal information has been used in drastically increasing number of ways. In this context, the proper use and protection of personal information have become a very important social problem. We, MonotaRO Co., Ltd (hereinafter “MonotaRO”), regard it as our mission to use and protect personal information properly. MonotaRO will insure that all board members and employees understand that the protection of personal information is important, and will maintain and thoroughly protect personal information. Therefore, MonotaRO hereby set forth our Privacy Policy in order to protect personal information.


Measures to Protect Personal Information

  1. MonotaRO hereby sets forth our Privacy Policy and swears to make concerted efforts to protect personal information.
  2. The term "personal information" shall mean information about a living individual which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information (including such information as will allow easy reference to other information and will thereby enable the identification of the specific individual).
  3. MonotaRO will inform User of the purposes of use and contact person(s), and collect and use personal information properly.
  4. MonotaRO will use the personal information provided by User within the purposes of use informed.
  5. MonotaRO will not provide or disclose the personal information of User to any third party except when (i) User agrees in advance or (ii) MonotaRO outsources certain operation to the third party.
  6. MonotaRO will take adequate measures to ensure that the personal information obtained by MonotaRO will not be subject to unauthorized accesses, lost, destroyed, manipulated or leaked. In case any of these happens, MonotaRO will quickly take necessary measures to rectify such a situation.
  7. MonotaRO will comply with laws and regulations in Japan concerning personal information, and quickly amend Privacy Policy if necessary according to the amendment of the laws and regulations.
  8. MonotaRO will continually brush up and improve this Privacy Policy in accordance with the changes in surrounding environments and social situations.


Handling of Personal Information

MonotaRO will protect personal information of User according to the rules set forth below.

  1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

    MonotaRO will use information of User and information of prospective users extracted from publicly available sources such as (i) names, (ii) company names, (iii) branches in charge, (iv) persons in charge and his or her personal information including addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, dates of birth, e-mail addresses and the like, and/or (v) records of transactions with MonotaRO for the purposes set forth below:
    1. To deliver Products, catalogs or direct mails, send facsimiles or e-mails, provide related services or after-sale services, and provide information on new Products.
    2. To provide information on the mail-order business of MonotaRO and related services and operations which may be helpful for User.
    3. To contact User when necessary in order to perform operations.
  2. Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information

    MonotaRO will not, to any third party, provide or disclose collected personal information of User including (i) names, (ii) company names, (iii) branches in charge, (iv) persons in charge and his or her personal information including addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, dates of birth, e-mail addresses and the like, except when any one of the following applies:
    1. When User agrees in advance.
    2. When MonotaRO outsources, to a third party with which MonotaRO has made an agreement concerning non-disclosure of personal information, the handling of certain personal information of User within the range necessary for the purposes of use informed to User. In this case, the third party will be such companies as (i) carrier companies which provide delivery of Products, catalogs and/or direct mails, (ii) companies which provide communications via telephone, facsimile, and/or e-mails, (iii) companies which provide printing of names and addresses in order to deliver Products, catalogs and/or direct mails, (iv) credit card companies specified by User who wishes to make payments using credit cards, and (v) debt-collection companies which collect debts of those Users who do not pay for the Products purchased.
    3. When MonotaRO jointly uses personal information with those companies related to MonotaRO within the purposes of use informed to User.
    4. When necessary to makes inquiries to consumer data companies in order to confirm User’s ability to make payments.
    5. When MonotaRO is asked by credit card companies to provide certain personal information in order to conduct investigation on illegal use of credit cards.
    6. When MonotaRO is obliged to provide certain personal information to courts or other entities according to related laws and regulations or other rules.
    7. When MonotaRO needs to provide companies which manufacture products certain personal information necessary for export related documents preparation for observe laws and regulations.
  3. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

    If User requests MonotaRO to disclose or correct his or her own personal information, MonotaRO will quickly handle such requests when it is reasonable to do so. The contact points for making such requests are as follows.
    1. For Corrections
      WEB:Contact form at MonotaRO Website (http://
      Address:Personal Information Branch, MonotaRO Co., Ltd.
       Liber bldg 3F, 2-183, Takeya-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 660-0876, Japan
    2. For Disclosures
      MonotaRO will receive requests for the disclosure of User’s own personal information at the following address by mail only. User may be required to pay actual expenses (postal expenses or other communication costs) before or after the disclosure.

      Address:Personal Information Branch, MonotaRO Co., Ltd.
       Liber bldg 3F, 2-183, Takeya-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 660-0876, Japan
  4. Termination of Use or Provision of Personal Information

    1. Even if MonotaRO is using and/or providing personal information under the permission of User, MonotaRO will quickly terminate the use of and provision to related group companies of such personal information upon request by User. However,MonotaRO will not delete such minimum information that is necessary to carry our operation of our services.
    2. MonotaRO will stop contacting User by catalogues, direct mails, telephones, facsimiles, emails and the like quickly after receiving the request by User. However, such information that has already been in the process of dispatch at the time of receipt of the request may reach User.

      • Email
      • Address
        Contact Branch, MonotaRO Co., Ltd.
        Liber bldg 3F, 2-183, Takeya-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 660-0876, Japan


Cookies and Access Logs

  1. About Cookies

    Cookies are files recorded in computers in order to recognize user through browsers. When the same User accesses our website for the second or more times, the information to be displayed may be customized for each User by using cookies. However, no personal information, including names, phone numbers and the like, is stored in the cookies. User may disable this function by setting browsers. However, some of the services provided through our website may not be used after disabling cookies.
    We use cookies for the following purposes.
    • In order to provide the optimal services to each customer.
    • In order to improve our service.
    • In order to display the appropriate advertisements to each customer, using third parties' services.
      ※If you want to disable the advertising services provided by the third parties, please access to the companies' sites and follow the instructions.

  2. About Access Logs

    In our website,, access logs are recorded in order to keep statistics on accesses to our website, provide optimum services for each User, detect unauthorized accesses, and prevent and investigate the causes of system fault. MonotaRO will not use the recorded logs for other purposes.


About SSL

In our website,, encryption technology called “SSL (Secure Socket Layer)” is used in the pages which involve transmission of personal information and/or order information. With this encryption technology, we ensure the secure handling of important information of User.



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