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Customer Reviews of Pan Head Machine Screw, Stainless Steel

Pan Head Machine Screw, Stainless Steel
Sales Price: 4.99 SGD
Review Rating: 4.64
70 Customer Reviews
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When building
From Japan
On 2018-05-29 09:27:55
There was a size which could not be obtained at the retail store and it was greatly saved
This review is about item#5507905.
electronic work
From Japan
On 2018-05-29 08:23:40
Used to fasten the board. Good quality. I also want to purchase.
This review is about item#05506934.
As a replacement part
From Japan
On 2018-04-05 13:51:48
It's cheap and it's good as it has plenty in it. Cospa best! It is a favorite.
This review is about item#5507354.
Fastening of electronic equipment
From Japan
On 2018-03-09 14:41:17
Although we are using more than 5000 total, we have zero defective products up to now. I think that things are solid. It is handy because it is cheap because it is sold in a small quantity. I plan to use it in the future.
This review is about item#5507117.
Purchase as a stand-alone item
From Japan
On 2018-02-23 20:28:27
I bought it as a screw that I use most often. I think that we would like to purchase screws from now on monotalou
This review is about item#5507442.
Purchased for repair of various equipment.
From Japan
On 2018-01-24 15:09:00
Originally it is easier to use because the one made by plating made of iron sticks to the driver of the magnet, but there is a possibility of sabile and it is made to stain.
This review is about item#5507022.
I used it to attach the clamp.
From Japan
On 2018-01-19 20:37:56
The product was also beautiful and looked very high quality finished. I also want to purchase.
This review is about item#5507467.
We used it to set up the clothes bracket on the balcony
From Japan
On 2018-01-05 09:05:03
Since it corresponds to rain, I thought it was a rust resistant material and used it. I have not got results yet, but I expect it.
This review is about item#5507905.
Used for various DIY (small switch mounting on aluminum case etc.)
From Japan
On 2017-12-23 06:19:35
There are many small iron screws, but since it was not made of stainless steel, I bought it this time.
This review is about item#05506916.
It was integrated into customer-specified products.
From Japan
On 2017-12-18 19:32:56
I did not know the feeling I used because it was the + screw of SUS 304 specified by the customer.
This review is about item#5507625.
Used as VAPE RDA coil fixing screw
From Japan
On 2017-12-14 14:58:22
It is very handy because it is highly systematic and strong against heat by stainless steel. Regular replacement is absolutely necessary for maintaining the tightening force but it is very helpful because the price is also cheap.
This review is about item#5506916.
Used for fixing small switches etc.
From Japan
On 2017-12-08 12:26:26
Although it is rarely used, it is used to fix ultra compact switches. Iron made screws are made of SUS because they are easy to rust.
This review is about item#05506891.
Screw clamp
From Japan
On 2017-12-07 13:11:15
For screws and bolts, what you want even at the home center is hard to find because it is hard to find. Since Monotaro san only searches from the catalog, it really helps. Look forward to work with you again.
This review is about item#5507397.
Repairing and assembling of building facilities (for preparatory use)
From Japan
On 2017-11-18 16:42:23
Because it is about 10 yen per one, it is aligned for each length as a spare. I think it's more special than buying it at a home center. The number is also exactly a good number of about 50 to 70 and not too much and not too few.
This review is about item#5507555.
When piping
From Japan
On 2017-11-17 15:37:36
Good products are cheaply obtained and satisfied. Because it is difficult to obtain nearby, it is useful.
This review is about item#05507223.
Normal screw stay
From Japan
On 2017-11-03 08:21:26
For use outdoors, stainless steel screws were necessary. It was saved.
This review is about item#05507476.
Used for repairing various tools etc.
From Japan
On 2017-09-27 15:02:22
Up to now I have repaired extensible pruning scissors with 6 mm screws, but because of the long screws I made it short with a grinder or I cut it with a golden saw but it is impossible to deal with it unless it is absolutely a short screw. did.
This review is about item#5507153.
Assembling post box
From Japan
On 2017-08-05 08:58:02
Quality is not bad, I want to use it in the future. Since it purchases one pack at a time, it becomes more than necessary.
This review is about item#05507187.
Used as assembly screw for one off special machine
From Japan
On 2017-08-02 14:37:57
Long type screws are not sold to the home center, so it is saved. Moreover, since it can be purchased in units of several pieces it is convenient because it can be used according to things with different lengths of 5 mm and 10 mm. Product can also be used with good quality with confidence.
This review is about item#05507887.
For mounting parts
From Japan
On 2017-07-16 22:27:33
I feel that compatibility with the driver bit is bad compared to the truss head. Feeling a little shallow at the center. Although the bit may be worse.
This review is about item#5507433.